One or more important documents have to must need Jati pramanpatra to get reservation case. This is a best guide to need information every candidates how to apply caste certificate Maharashtra, how to apply for caste certificate in Maharashtra etc.

caste certificate application procedure documents
caste certificate application procedure documents

This certificate is also called as a Jati awasiya. We saw some queries on the Internet and through the question hub, which has been seen in Hindi this way जाति प्रमाण पत्र कैसे बनाएं, कास्ट सर्टिफिकेट ऑनलाइन बनवाना है, ऑफलाइन जाति प्रमाण पत्र ऑनलाइन बनाये कैसे, जाति प्रमाणपत्र के लिए आवेदन कैसे करें, etc. Then we thought that this important information must be shared.

Can we make Jati Awasiya Online?

People have many different questions in their mind like how to get caste certificate online Maharashtra?, What documents are required for caste certificate?, What is caste certificate no? etc.

But the most asked question is whether can i get this online, is it possible? So many more question have raised in human mind about it.

You must have heard how to apply for caste certificate online, but have you followed this process? Do you know that there is no website to make online cast certificate without government portal? Do you know how to create a cast certificate?

What is the purpose of issuance of cast certificate to the candidates belonging to OBC/SBC/SC/VJNT & ST while they are studying in proffessional courses as well as secondary school, junior colleges also?

The documents is to be issued by the district authority of collector, nayab tahsildar to certify that the concerned category to reserve or not to whom the certificate being issued.

You will know how important the caste certificate is when you go to apply validity pramanpatra. You are not given a validity certificate at all without checking the this documents.

Importance Of Caste Certificate.

The Governments of every state give cast certificates to all candidates for admission of students, for scholarships, for cast validity at the time of Elections, for employment for citizens and for various types of schemes.

This is a proof of one’s belonging to a particular caste for related person, especially in cases when one belongs to a scheduled caste, scheduled tribe or backward class as specified in the Indian Constitution. It is a government document certified by the Government of India.

Keep in mind that this does not mean that anyone is got cast, but instead you have to add all the Caste Certificate Required Documents as proof.

if you would this offline so download cast certificate form offline first and submit is any your nearest sub divisional office. Now Making caste certificate is easy way.

Which Documents Required For Apply Caste Certificate Form.

Collect all the documents given below for the purpose first and only then proceed towards the further process. Unless all the documents are ready for the jaati pramanpatra, do not apply.

SN.Caste certificate documents list
1Aadhaar card.
3Caste Certificate Form.
4Caste Proof Self or Blood Relation anyone.
5Electricity / water bill any one.
6Passport Photos.
7Proof Of Residence.
8Ration card.
9School Living Certificate or Birth Certificate.
10Voters card / electoral roll any one.

Above is a detailed list of all the documents that you need to get this jaati pramanpatra online/ offline from the concerned authority.

For Address And Identity Proof Documents required for caste certificate in Maharashtra.

One thing that the applicant has to keep in mind is that only one document has to be submitted for his identity and address proof.

SNIdentity ProofAddress Proof
1Voter ID CardDriving License
3Pan cardWater Bill
4MANREGA CardTelephone Bill
5Driving License Ration Card
6Aadhaar CardAadhaar Card
7Light Bill
8House Rent Receipt

In some specific cases, relevant authorities likely to ask for above documentary proof in addition to the submitted above with application form. Here is a details checklist basic, identity and address proof, and the all documents that would be needed every candidates.

We know that now if anyone asks you to which is required for jati praman patra, then your answer will be available immediately for it. Whatever may be made of caste certificate in maharashtra including other states is made in this way.

How to apply caste certificate application online.

In this post, You will find ways online first because you can make this document offline with it. Seeing the highest demand, it becomes necessary to tell both ways here.

Step 1.

  • Visit the official website of your concerned state government.
  • Create a new login,
  • Enter new user name,
  • Create login password,
  • Enter capcha code,
  • Now hit on Submit button.

Step 2.

  • After succesful login now search cast certificate in dashboard,
  • Click on Caste Certificate from the drop down,
  • Enter personal details,
  • Enter information about adress details,
  • Now fill the contact details,

Step 3.

  • Enter Father’s Details / Blood relative’s and their Cast Certificate Details.
  • Fill Local Reference information.
  • Enter other information if migrated from another state or district.
  • Pay Caste Verification online.
  • You can download caste certificate online within 15-21 days.
How To Get Offline Caste Certificate Form.

Step 1.

  • Visit your nearest Tehsil Office or Setu Kendra,
  • Get jati praman patra form from this district office,
  • If you have downloaded cast certificate online form, then enter it carefully,
  • Affix a passport photo.

Step 2.

  • Enter cast details and other information.
  • Fill complete Affidavit / Self Declaration.
  • Add all the Required Documents for jati pramapatra given above.
  • Now give the payment on cash counter.
  • After payment get the acknowledgment slip.

In this way, you will now know the details about how to apply for the caste certificate online offline.

Maharashtra Caste Certificate Video.

Keep in mind that without caste certificate verification online at a scrutiny committee you will not apply for validity pramanpatra. How to make this, please read this post.

We have found awesome video above about caste certificate download, how to get caste certificate apply online etc. Maharashtra

Do not forget to watch this video. Where is the cast certificate no in this document? This is also explained in this video tutorial.

Get your documents at the given time for concerned office offline or download it from web portal if applied online. Hope you have liked this post on how to apply for caste certificate online application. If you have any problem related to education, which you want to share with us, then you are welcome, share whatever problem you have through the comment, soon we will try to solve your problem.