Ever since the Mahadbt Scholarship Login Portal has been created. one thing is to disturb the students since then, in which the forgotten their mahadbt scholarship password or their User ID. If during the login face situation you on the DBT portal to forgot mahadbt scholarship login password and user name, then information about what to do at this time is check this below MahaDBT Login Reset Process.

how to change mahadbt scholarship login password and user name easily

It is not necessary that applicant forget the scholarship password, sometimes mahadbt user name can also forget the applicant. There are many types of technical errors coming online while filling the mahadbtmahait online scholarship form. But there is a way out of this situation that will tell you how to change mahadbt scholarship password.

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How To Forget Mahadbt User Name.

during filling of mahadbt scholarship form forget mahadbt user name then follow below procedure to how to change new scholarship user name using 3 steps.

Visit HomePage.

  1. visit official mahadbt.gov.in scholarship website.
  2. click here forgot user name.forgot mahadbt scholarship login password and user name
  3. Applicant will have to enter Full Name, Mobile number which is registered on the portal and
    Date of birth.
  4. After entering the details, Click on Get User Name button.

Get UserName Via SMS.

  1. After clicking on Get username button, now success pop up message will be displayed.
  2. Click OK.
  3. The applicant will receive SMS on the Mobile number which was used while registration into the mahadbtmahait login portal which will display the Username.
  4. User should enter the username next time while logging in.

In this way, any user can change mahadbt mahait scholarship user name through registered mobile number at any time. Let’s now see how to change mahadbt scholarship login password using three steps.

How To Forget Mahadbt Scholarship Login Password.

If Applicant Forgets mahadbt login password which is used for login into the DBT Portal then follow below the procedure carefully.

Open Portal.

  1. Click on “Forgot Password” button on the home DBT portal page.forgot mahadbt scholarship login password
  2. In the above screen, Applicant will have to enter the Username which is used for logging into the mahadbtmahat scholarship portal.
  3. and then click on Get OTP button.

If the username entered is valid only then below screen will be displayed “OTP is been Sent Successfully to the registered Mobile number.

Verify One Time Password.

  1. Click on Ok button.
  2. The applicant will receive SMS (OTP) on the Mobile number which was used while registration into the Portal.
  3. Applicant should enter the correct OTP and also the New mahadbt scholarship login Password and Confirm Password.Change Mahadbt scholarship login password
  4. After performing the above step click on Set Password button.
  5. Now in login, Enter the dbt Username and the new Password which is set.
Important About Forget Mahadbt Scholarship Login Password.

Mahadbt Scholarship Login Password Length should be minimum 8 characters and maximum 20 characters. Password must contain at least 1 Upper Case Alphabet, 1 Lower Case Alphabet, 1 Number, and 1 Special Character. Also, New Password and Confirm Password should match otherwise it will not work.

Our sole purpose is to provide complete information of the scholarship scheme to all beneficial students. And after scrutinizing the technical problems that come up during the application of these schemes, the solution is to reach you.

Last Word About Maharashtra Scholarship Login Recovery.

We know that the benefit of scholarship to a poor student will not be less than any sanjivani booti in the field of education. That’s why we and our educationhint.com team will continue to work with you so much hard work and diligence.

You have now learned how to change Mahadbt Scholarship Password, how to reset Mahadbt Password and user name as well as learned how to forgot Mahadbt scholarship Password online. if you have get details via video tutorial we have recommend to you watch full video till the end.

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If you still have problems at the mahadbt.gov.in online website during or after mahadbat registration, then tell us in the comment box below. Hope this information can be beneficial for you, how to change mahadbt scholarship login password and user name online.