What is Udise Plus Certification | How to Certify Udise Plus Data Capture Format (DCF)?

DCF information has been filled in by all the schools. Now whoever is filling out the Udiseplus Application should immediately certify Udise plus because this work should be done before the last date.


Udise data entry 2022 Registration form & new login at udiseplus gov in school login is available for data filling. UDISE+ School Report Card generates after filling a complete Udise+ data entry module.

Now search school udise code, Check Procedure How to fill UDISE plus form online in udise data entry module.

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Certify Udise Plus | Udiseplus Certification.

From the academic year 2018-2019, all of the schools on the udise plus portal will now fill udise form online dcf data capture format 2022-23 because all the state governments Like a Maharashtra, Up have started it.

Shortly before, a meeting of all secondary schools was attended at the district level in which all school head masters were invited.

In this detailed training, information about udiseplus.gov.in Maharashtra website was given.

How to do online fill up for udise plus application form 2022-23 was explained in detail to all the HM/principals at the time of training.

In this training, a computer teacher and head of all government, non-government along with Private Aided and Unaided schools were invited.

What is Udise Full Form?

Unified District Information on School Education Udise Portal was launched in 2012-13 to integrate DISE for elementary education and SEMIS for secondary education.

Covering over 1,09,942 schools, 2.23 crore It is the largest Management Information System on school education covering students and 7 lakh teachers.

An updated and improved version has again been made through Udise+. 

This will make the entire system online and gradually move towards collecting data in real time.

How to Certify Udise Plus Data Capture Formate?

What are the steps to Certify Udise Plus details? Let’s see just follow the steps given below and get your Udise form certified in a few minutes.

First of all, open any web browser Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, and follow the steps given below.

Go to the Udiseplus website and log in.

  • First, click on the website of Udiseplus home.
  • Now enter the Udise Number of your school in the Username Tab in Login for All Users.
  • Now password has to be entered Enter your Udiseplus gov in login and password in the given tab.
  • Next, Captcha will also have to be filled, which has to be written in a few words.
  • Now click on the “Login” option.

In this way, your Udise Plus portal will open after login. If you are login Udise plus from your Smartphone then problems may come in it.

Keep in mind that to log in, go to the sites of your states because Udise plus Portal in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, etc have different login.

DCF i.e. Data Capture Format has to be opened for further data filing and certification. Now let’s see what to do next.

Do this to fill in the udiseplus.gov.in 2022-23 Maharashtra data and open the DCF.
  • Once logged in, click on “Click here to open DCF to fill in the data”.
  • Important Note will appear just click on Ok.
  • 41 Number’s Validation of Filled Data opens it.
  • Now click on Validate.
  • If everything is correct Udise Plus will be validated and a successful message will come.
  • Now come back by clicking on Back and click on Ok.
  • Next, click on Comparison and Certify Udise plus Data at the bottom.

Before submitting the data, make sure the information is given below in the form. DCF will be visible only according to the criteria given below.

Important – School Name, School Category, Lowest Class and Highest Class, School Management, etc. If any discrepancy is found, please contact your concerned Block MIS for rectification.

Now, this is the last step, only Udise plus Certify Module has to be verified and DCF form verification will be done.

Certify the Certification Module Data.

Status At the top you will see that your status is not verified. It will also show whether your UDAYS form is filled or not. If it is left to be filled and certified then do it.

Certify Udise Plus Data.

  • Tick ​​in the checkmark box.
  • In Declared by, write the name of the Principal or the person filling in the information.
  • Have to give in your Designation and Mobile Number.
  • Now click on Certify Data option below.

You can make some changes to your school information by clicking on the school information or the school profile option. After updating the information, finally, click on the save option.


You now see the message School data has been successfully authenticated. After this Udise plus certificate will come but will not be able to edit the information.

In this way, any person can do Certify Udise Plus of his school in which the information can be certified. Still, people have some questions whose answers are given below.

What is Udiseplus?

UDISE means “Unified District Information System for Education” which is one of the largest management information systems on school education integrating DISE for primary and secondary education.

What is Udise certificate?

Udise certificate means Udise plus school report card which is generated after Udise plus certification.

Where can I get the Udise plus user manual?

You will get the Manual from this website, you can download it. After logging in, you will find the User Manual for Udiseplus Software on the first page itself.

How to download Udise plus 2022-23 blank format.

Open our article and check in blank format or you will also get it on the Udise plus portal website.

How do I find my Udise plus username and password?

The Udise code is the user name, so there will be no question of forgetting it. But If the user knows their registered mobile number and has access to it, then the password can be reset by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password button at the time of login.

After filling in the User ID and mobile number, the new password is sent to the mobile number and email.

How to download Udise Plus Acknowledgment?

As soon as Udise plus is certified, you will get the option to download the Acknowledgment.

How to get UDISE code?

Every school in the country will be given a unique UDISE code. If any new school is established, the school needs to get a UDISE code for establishing a unique identity in the UDISE PLUS records. Schools should undertake the following steps:

The school user should approach the district MIS officer with requisite documentation, especially a recognition letter from the concerned school. This is applicable to both recognized and unrecognized schools.

District MIS users will apply for the UDISE code through the “School Directory Management” in the Udise plus system and the request would flow to the state MIS user for approval.
State MIS users will verify the application and request any clarification at the district level.

State-level user is the sole authority for approval of UDISE code generation for the school.
Once verification gets completed at the state MIS level, the application is sent to the Ministry of Education for UDISE code generation.

The UDISE code generation process takes approx a few weeks to get completed.

What is the use of Udise code?

The UDISE code acts as a unique identifier for all such recognized and unrecognized schools imparting formal education from pre-primary to XII, onboarded on the UDISE PLUS platform. find school code by school name in the udise number list on the Portal.

In this way, Certify Udise plus for this academic year. Tell us if you face any problems while verifying the UDISE form, and Udise plus certification then comment below.

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