EPF Claim Settled But Amount Not Credit

EPF Claim Settled But Claim Amount Not Credited In Bank Account What To Do Next?

In this article, we are going to give information about online EPF claim settlement process problems which are important for EPF members. As has been seen by many employees or members, even after the online epf claim settled but amount not received to the bank accounts? Now why does this happen, in what situation and what is the solution to this problem? It is very important to understand this.

EPF Claim Settled But Amount Not Credit
EPF Claim Settled But Amount Not Credit

Many employees appear to be suffering from this problem during the epf claim settled. Members say that when our epf claim has settled, then why is our pf money not being credited in our aadhar link bank account? So what are some technical reasons for this, then try to resolve the problem in detail.

When we have seen the comments on quora social media platform “what is meaning epf claim settled but returned“, so I thought it a bit weird because someone could ask such a simple question. But the next moment we noticed this and saw that a very beautiful article was written in Hindi where readers can get information about what is pf claim settled meaning in hindi.

EPF Claim Settled Meaning.

Claim Settlement epf does not mean that the epf claimed amount is credited in the bank account. Epf Claimed Settlement only means that EPFO officer has approved online your claim of application. But yes It is surely right epf claimed settled means that the amount will be credited bank account in the next coming step if your kyc is accurate or complete.

But before that every member should know how to check online epf claim status. There are three ways for this through which the employee has can know it claim settled in epf done or not. Before knowing how to track the status of your EPF claim, first of all the members have collect the all information below and then proceed step by step.

  • Member’s EPF account number.
  • EPF regional office of member employer.
  • Establishment Code/company code or extension code (if necessary).

Generally, the current period for PF claimed settlement has been reduced from 30 days to 15 days. Because this deadline is the main reason for the launch of online features for such a short period of time.

The Employees Provident Fund Organization department has also planned to settle the online claims within 3 hours of making claims for the members, but for this it is necessary that Members EPF accounts should have linked with their adhar card or bank account.

How To Check EPF Claim Settled Or Not.

There was a time when people found it difficult to withdrawal their own PF money from employees provident fund organization online or offline. The process of applying epf claim settlement, which took months before, was also required by the employer’s approval.

When an employee applies online for an EPF claim, then the PF amount credit takes about 10-30 days to arrive in the bank account. When a member claims to be in offline mode, its limit is 20 to 30 days.

The information given in this article is very important, what is to do after the epf claim settled, how many days will it take to get PF amounts after your claim, how to track your EPF claim online and get information about the process of online pf claim .

There is 2 ways to check online epf claim settlement status. It is also quite easy because both of them are online.

As mentioned above, after claiming online by any member, as per below the steps epf claim settlement can be tracked.

Track Claim Settled Or Not Via EPFO Portal.

As mentioned above, after claiming online by any member, as per below the steps epf claim settlement can be tracked.

Step 1.

  • First visit the epfo website.
  • Now click on our Services.
  • Open For Employees option
  • Click on Know Your Claim Status.

Step 2.

  • Now enter the UAN Number.
  • Write captcha which can be seen same.
  • Finally click on search.

Step 3

  • Choose your provident fund account number
  • Click on View Claim Status.
  • Finally press the submit button.
epf claim settlement process
epf claim settlement process

Track Status EPF Claim Settled Or Not Via UAN Portal.

Through the Universal Account Number portal, employers can also know their epf claim settlement status. The manner in which the above method has been given is given, as well as the EPF settlement status can be checked by the uan portal.

  • First open the UAN website.
  • Enter the universal account number to login to UAN portal.
  • Enter UAN Login Password.
  • Write the captcha code.
  • Now log in by clicking on sign in.

In this way, the uan portal can track epf claim settlement process. Now let us see why the EPF Claim Status Settled But Amount not Credited or Received in bank account.

EPF Claim is Settled but Amount Not Transfer then what to do?

All the employers should first know that if they have submitted the epf claim application form online, then your uan kyc should be complete. If uan kyc is completed then having a transfer claim amount in your bank account can usually take about 5-15 days.

However, if you have submitted an epf claim form offline, then it is usually about 20-30 days time to get your money in the bank account. Now, let’s know if EPF claims settled but amount is not received, then what action should you take?

  • Online way

First check your Bank Account Details in your UAN Login. After the settlement of the claim, if your bank details are incorrect then the money transfer can not be done. Follow the simple steps.

  • Login to the link provided above.
  • Go to Manage
  • Click KYC.
  • And check bank account details.

Also check your aadhar record and pan card details too. When you track your claim on epfo portal, then it looks like the previous and next history.

epf claim settlement status
epf claim settlement status

However, if anything happens due to the bank details or any other information, then the EPFO ​​refunds that unsuccessful money back within the next 4-5 days to the employee.

However, it is the first duty of the member to update the bank record immediately. after this process online claim status shows for members automatically “amount returned or pf settled but returned”.

To update or correct your bank details offline, submit the authorization letter to your Regional EPFO ​​office with your bank passbook or with canceled check.

After presenting the EPF office again Authority letter, your EPF regional offices deposits amount in the right bank account in approximately 10-15 days.

Keep in mind that verification of your employer or verification of bank manager is also necessary. Once your bank details are correct, then apply again for epf claim. This is the first way to see what else the second method is what to do if the epf claim is not settled?

  • Offline way.

If the above online options are not working, or if you are having trouble completing it, then you can contact epfo office or email to “[email protected]“. to know about the delay or the cause of your problem or Go to the respective regional EPFO ​​office for sending feedback.

  • Contact with the EPFO ​​through Social Media.

Everybody can now be in touch with the EPFO ​​office using the EPFO ​​Social Media accounts. It is better that the member complain first through the EPFO ​​complaint online and if the problem is not resolved, use the social media platform. Links to the EPFO’s social media account are given below.


  • Use Grievance.

If, despite doing so, you can not get your EPF claim settlement amount, then the next step is to use the EPF Grievance Cell. We have already know the process on it if you want to know what the process of complaint is.

There must be a UAN number to file a complaint. You can use online complaint when it is available.

On epf online complaint, you can file a complaint and also track the grievance status. The deadline for resolving the complaint has been kept for 30 days.

EPF Claim Settlement FaQs .
  • How does a employee get to know that he is eligible to file the Transfer Claim online?

The employee can check the eligibility to file the Transfer Claim Online at the link available on the www.epfindia.gov.in Home page of EPFO website. This can be accessed through the link – For Employees > Online Transfer Claim Portal (OTCP) > Check eligibility to file Online Transfer Claim or at the URL http://memberclaims.epfoservices.in.

  • After EPF Claim Settled When PF money will come in the bank account ?

Well its time limit may be less now. At least this money is received in next 10 days and in more than 30 days the claim money is received in their bank account. It is not a big thing to take tension, it may take some time because of Sunday and holidays.

However, if your claim settlement is not credited to 30 days even after settlement, then use the above offline method and contact the epfo office.

  • What is this “epf claim status shows claim settled by NEFT”?

NEFT is meant to have National Electronic Funds Transfer (National Electronic Funds Transfer) In India, there is a system of various types of fund transfers by all banks, mainly in which RTGS and NEFT are used. This system is operated by RBI.

This means that after the settlement of your claim settlement, the process of sending this payment system to your bank account is started or has been transferred.

  • I have claimed Epf, BUT is not SETTLED till date, how long does it take to have the claim SETTLED?

It takes just 2-4 days for your claim to settle. But, as mentioned in the above reply, this time limit may also increase for 6-8 days because of the time limit and holidays.

  • What it means “your epf claim is under process”?

Claim under process means the system is working on your claim now. Meaning your office is processing your claim. The amount is transferred to the time given for this.

  • My claim has settled but money is not received in bank. What should I do now?

If the amount of money is not received in accordance with the time given in your bank account even after the settlement of the employee, then first check your kyc.

Because there is possible to found mistakes in your bank details like your name, date of birth, ifsc code. The second reason you can not be filled application form properly or even do not complete, your EPF claim money is not transferred.

First of all, match all the basic details, bank details and kyc details with your UAN login, if they have any correction in any step, then correct it done without delay to correct them.

  • How to get PF money in your account quickly?

If there is a problem in claiming money in your bank account even after the PF claim (PF settled), then there are many reasons for it. But once the settlement of your claim is settled, the EPFO ​​office is send credit by the NEFT payment system in the bank account of the member.

If any member is able to get the pf money quickly in his bank account, keep his epf kyc complete first with accurate, enter the correct information and verify it through his original documents. But if all is right then it takes too much time, then you can need to contact with your respective regional office.

  • My cliam is rejected how to resubmit rejected pf claim?

Do you know why your claim has been rejected or returned? because At this step is clear employee are raise a mistakes, if your claim is rejected to entered incorrect or wrong information in EPFO portal.

To do that every employee have to first get the help of your Employer need to correct uan login records.

In case your kyc details has wrong information like adhar, then correct Aadhar data first and then link aadhaar number with EPF account so that you can raise a transfer or withdrawal every request faster.

Finally, raise a epf claim online request again with all necessary details along with supporting document.

Do not forget to carry all the original documents for verification purpose when claim is applying. forget the old claim and apply complete process of EPF claim again.

  • What are the probable reasons for rejection of an online claim by the employer?

The probable reasons for rejection of an online claim form by the employer can be of the following two types:

(i) In case of the claim submitted for attestation by previous/ present employer:

(a) The claim (physical or online) has already been forwarded to EPFO and has not been rejected till date.

(b) The signed copy of the printout of the claim submitted online has not been received from member. (This option would be available only after 15 days of online submission of the claim)

(c) The member details do not match with establishment records.

(d) The signature of the member does not match with those available in office records.

(ii) In case of verification of member details by previous employer, when the claim has been submitted through present employer.

(a) The member details do not match with establishment records.

we hope all the employees or readers is satisfied from this post. if you have any query regarding epf claim settled but pf amount is not credit what to do? then definitely comment here.

Your PF withdrawal form rejected showing in website. you can reapply again. we hope employees correct all the incorrect information. after this we hope your epf claim settled within few days.

Members now know how to do track epf claim settlement status. We must tell you whether the problem has occurred or decreased after the EPF claim settled with you.

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  1. my last claim is settles showing, but amount notb credited in my account. Before that i already withdrawn my previous my PF amount, but my last claim was settled but not credited.
    Kindly check & revert.

  2. EDLI Claim Settled but amount not credited in Claimant Saving Account. Document was submitted on 08th July’22 but settled in 24th Sep’22. When i check with dealing assistant there was a messsage which was showing on the system “NEFT File Generation Status” : “Pending”. and rest everything was mentioned there, Cheque No, Cheque date, Amount, Claimant Account Number and Claimant name.

    1. Whats the meaning of this.
    2. Why they put the status Pending in form.
    3. How much time it will take to credit the amount in claimant.
    4. Why they are telling me again and agan “may be some technical issue”. Does it take 20 days to resolve the issue.
    5. What should i do so if they don’t process my clai..

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