Do you want UAN mobile number Change in your EPFO login? If you want to change mobile number in UAN login hence is a perfect guide for you.

Now it is possible that the solution to your problem How to change your mobile number in UAN, Simple Process To Change UAN Mobile Number We are telling you in this article.

how to uan mobile number change without login

Everyone knows about the EPFO schemes. All the employees covered under this scheme, whether they are government servants or not, have the right to get a 12-digit Universal Account Number Also Know the UAN number through epf account.

The benefits of the UAN number are also many more as if an employee changes his existing job and continues for a new job, then he will give only his UAN Number to his new company so that all the EPF account benefits are deposited together.

With this, if your mobile number is already registered in Universal Account Login then you keep getting all the updates. But have you registered your UAN number in your UAN account? If yes, are you looking for a way to change it?

If you want to change your mobile number in your UAN online account, then you have to know its method. Let’s learn the process to change Mobile Number in UAN portal without any hassle?

How to change my phone number in UAN Account?

Recently all of the epf-related work is being done online by the office or by the employees, through which an online UAN portal has been made. It is very important to update the registered mobile number on the Epfo portal for this.

If the registered mobile number of any member in the UAN is lost somewhere or if it gets closed due to some technical reasons, then there will be a problem for you.

The problem of changing your mobile number in epfo account is troubling the members, today’s article has been made for them.

Absolutely basic methods have been made to update the new mobile number in the UAN login.

Let us know step by step process online on how to change your mobile number in your UAN login account without any trouble.

Process To Change mobile number in uan online.

To get rid of the problem of getting hassled by the employer, again and again, the best way to change the UAN mobile number easily.

Now epfo portal is to allow all the members to change the mobile number in their UAN after epf mobile number registration, you also have to do the process like this.

Step 1.# Visit UAN Onlline Website.

  1. Visit the official website of UAN number change .
  2. Enter your Universal Account Number and Password.
  3. Log in by entering the captcha code and clicking on Sign in.
How Can You Change Your Mobile Number In The UAN Login Portal Without OTP And Login? 1

Step 2.# Enter UAN Login Details.

  1. Now click on the option of ‘Manage Tool’.
  2. After this, the option ‘Contact Details’ will appear from the drop-down of Manage, open it.

After doing the first process, the new window that will open, not only you can change the epf mobile number, but with this, you can also take advantage of changing your email address.

Step 3. # Change Register Mobile Number.

This article is about how to change mobile numbers in EPF, that’s why we are giving an example by taking the option of mobile number, if you want to change your email id in your UAN login, then you should use the option of email.

  1. Now the Register mobile number will appear next and the option of ‘Change Mobile Number‘ will appear just below it.
  2. Open the tab of ‘Change Mobile No‘ as per the process.

Step 4. # Enter New Mobile Number.

As soon as you click on change mobile number in epf account, a new tab will open in front of you which will process something like this.

  1. Enter your new mobile number in the box ‘Change Mobile Number’.
  2. There once again you will be asked to enter a new phone number
  3. In Re-enter New Mobile No, enter the same mobile number again for confirmation.

Step 5. # Verify & Get Authorization Pin.

Now, this last process is to change the mobile number in EPF login account.

In this step, the members have to go through one-time verification in which OTP is verified so that the security is maintained.

  • Members In this step, click on the option ‘ Get Authorization Pin ‘.
  • Now the mobile number that has been entered will receive a One Time Password i.e. OTP, which has to be entered.
  • Now write OTP in this option ‘Enter Pin Number’ and click on ‘Save Changes’.

Just as soon as this process is completed, your new mobile number will be updated in UAN Account.

In this way, epfo mobile number change is been done online. Even after this, if there is a problem with change registered mobile number in uan login, then only one way is left with the epf members.

How to change mobile number in uan offline?

Even after this, many members would like to change the mobile number in their UN by filling the UAN Mobile Number Change Form Offline because they cannot get OTP due to the mobile number being switched off or lost.

Due to the problem online due to the old mobile number not being active, he prefers to change UAN Mobile Number offline. Let us know if you do not have an old mobile number, then how to change your mobile number in UAN?

Is this possible? Yes, check this complete process here on how to change mobile number in UAN by Employer?

  • First of all contact your employer.
  • Submit your problem and tell them your mobile number has to be changed.
  • Fill and submit the EPF mobile number change form given by the employer.
  • Simply complete this offline process with your Office Dean/HR Manager from which the UAN mobile number change request will be accepted with the help of the employer.
How to change mobile number in uan without login?

Now how will it be possible to change the mobile number in your epfo account without logging in? Will UAN mobile number change without OTP not be possible?

Why will it not be possible, now everything is becoming possible for the members because now work is being done on the epfo system according to every grievance.

Now fill out online UAN Mobile Number Change Application Form online without a mobile number and change the new mobile number on epfo portal.

Now employee provident fund organization has found a new way to change mobile number in uan without otp.

Change any new mobile number without otp uan login according to the method given below.

How to change a mobile number in UAN without Mobile number?

It is necessary to log in epfo account first because nothing is possible except this.

But yes, if you do not remember the epfo account login details, then a new way has come about it, along with which the members can also register the old mobile number with the new mobile number.

Step 1. # Go To EPFO Website.

  • Go to the EUAN member portal by clicking on the above link.
  • Now click on the”Forgot Password”.
  • Keep in mind that even if the members remember their epfo login details, but due to not having the old mobile number, you have to resort to forgetting the password.

Step 2. # Enter UAN Number.

  • Enter a 12-digit Unique Uan number.
  • Also, enter the given captcha code.
  • Now press the “Submit” button.

Step 3. # Select “No” For OTP Verification.

In the third process, due to the non-availability of an old registered mobile number, “No” will have to be selected for one password verification.

  • The old mobile number which is registered will be visible.
  • Do you wish To Send OTP on the above Mobile Number click to “No”.

Step 4. # Enter name, date of birth & gender.

Members can change their UAN mobile number just by verifying their personal details, let’s know-how.

  • Write your name which will be according to epf record.
  • Now enter your date of birth as per the record.
  • Choose your gender like male or female etc.
  • Finally, click on Verify.

Step 5. # Aadhaar/PAN Verification.

Now there was a need for some security to verify the personal details which would be accomplished through Aadhaar or Pan card details verification.

Choose Aadhar or Pan one whichever method you like.
If Aadhar is selected then Aadhar number and PAN is selected then write PAN card number.
Now tap on the “Verify” button.

Step 6. # Enter New Mobile Number.

According to the above process, your Aadhaar / PAN verification process has been completed. In the further process, to change the active mobile number uan will have to be entered.

  • Enter your new mobile number.
  • Clicking on getting OTP will read.
  • One Time Password will be received on your mobile, enter it.
  • Now finish the process by pressing Verify.
  • UAN-mobile-number-change-process-last-step
  • In this way,, log-in details can also be changed by entering New Password and Confirm Password. Now is this success in your process to Change it Without Old Mobile Number UAN Details Change?

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How to change my phone number in uan?

In 3 ways already registered mobile number in epf account can be changed, first through online epf login, second by the employer, and third by sending epf mobile number change form pdf to epfo by post.

How can I change my registered mobile number in UAN?

Members can change their mobile number without login and without OTP offline uan mobile number. If you have a UAN login then it can also be done online.

How to change mobile number in uan without login?

Members can change UAN mobile number without login but they need employer’s help.

How to change mobile number in uan without password?

If you want to change your mobile number in epf without a password, then the member seems to forget the password. Now they should reset the password and create a new epfo login.

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We hope you must have understood the process to change Mobile number in your uan online as well as how to change mobile number in offline UAN.