How to Get etribe caste validity certificate online

How To Get ST Category Caste Validity Certificate Online ! eTribe Validity Online Registration Process

After Barati caste validity certificate greatest post, welcome to our newest post how to apply ST category caste validity certificate online. Do you know how to make eTribe caste validity certificate online registration?

Do you know The tribal development commissionerate launch registration portal namely eTribel Mahaonline Portal ? If you do not know, then recent article is special for you. With the help of this, you can easily register online.

How to Get etribe caste validity certificate online

At that time, students or parents become very depressed when they do not know anything or have incomplete information.

Through today’s post, we are give the detail information about how to register etribe caste validity certificate online for the same conditions.

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What Is Future E-tribe Caste Validity Certificate Online System.

Online system for submission of applications scheduled tribe for caste validation.

  • Standardized the formats for issuing
  • Generating valid orders etc.
  • E-mail and SMS alert notifications to applicants at every stage.
  • Applicants can verify the status of their applications online.
  • Education, pre-service, service and election requests may be submitted.
  • Communication to sponsoring authorities and the applicants (including show cause notices)
  • Auto-redirection to committees based on the applicant’s information.
  • Acknowledgment receipts to the applicants.

Here is above Etribe Validity Salient Features available in online stystem eTribe Validity.

St Caste Validity Certificate Online Form.

With the help of given articles, each schedule tribe applicant can apply etibe caste validity certificate online and it is also very easy.

Just need to read the entire information given below, after which the eTribel Jati vaidhata certificate can register online without any hassle.

If you go ahead and want to get admission in professional institutes, then if you do not fill caste validity form, your admission consider automatically in general category.

Validity certificate is mandatory everywhere, without this you will not get any scholarship as well as if you participate in election the very important for election purpose if seat is alloted in reserve category.

The maharashtra government launch eTribe caste validity certificate online portal for a simple process. you will get your certificate without delay if you submit successfully online application on government portal.

Do you know the how to register caste validity certificate for scheduled tribes category applicant?

Do you know how to apply online etribe caste validity certificate application form? If you do not know, do not worry you can get complete information here.

Before Register eTribe Caste Validity Certificate You Should Need To Read Important Information.

Applicants have to register themselves without delay, get a login and password to apply the etribe caste validity certificate form and then enter the complete details to be asked to share.

For the information of the applicant, let us know now that the given caste certificate has a barcode.

Students are required to submit caste certificates submitted to them by the respective offices and only after the caste verification, students get validity certificate with barcode.

Just print it after the application and wherever it is necessary to enter education or to enter the election purpose.

Prior to this, any applicant should apply for eTribe Caste Validity Certificate application form for himself or anyone else. Please read the warning given below by the department.

Punishment For Fraud In Application.

Prior to this, all applicants are warned that the wrong information that may be Fraud, if there is an attempt to get the cast validity certificate from unauthorized way, then the applicant will be given the provision of punishment for the offense given.

  • The offence shall be cognizable and so Non-bailable.
  • Such act shall be treated fraud under the provision of section 463 of IPC.
  • One may be sent to jail for 2 years term and may be fined upto Rs. 20,000/- for use of false documents.
Tribal Caste Validity Certificate Required Documents.

To do Caste Validity Certificate Online, you must have the necessary documents whose list is given below, first collect all the documents and then apply caste Validity online form 2023-24.

Apply the application carefully without delay with all the required validity certificate documents are available only here, so that the right application can be done without any hassle.

  • Extract of Primary School Register of applicant or father or grandfather (Namuna No.1)Or, Primary School Leaving Certificate of applicant or his father
  • Extract of Birth Register of applicant or father or relative
  • An extract of Government Service Record (book) mentioning caste/community category of applicant’s father or relative.
  • Document certifying caste issued by Authorized department .
  • Validity Certificate if any of father or relative which is issued by related scrutiny committee.
  • Copy of revenue records or village panchayat record.
  • Documentary evidence in regard to the caste and ordinary place of residence prior to the date of notification of the caste
  • Other relevant documentary evidence issued by competent authority.
Below The Cast Proof Documents Required.
  • The certificate of the applicant’s father or the primary school register of the grandfather 1 or , the  certificate of leaving the primary school of the applicant or his father.
  • Copy of the birth register of the applicant or father or relative.
  • An exit from the government service record (book) mentioning the caste / community category of the applicant’s father or relative.
  • Documents certified Caste Documents issued by the Department of Authorities
  • Any original and certified validity certificate of any one of the father or relative to be released by the Legal Investigation Committee.
  • Copy of Revenue Records or Village Panchayat Records
  • Documentary evidence regarding caste and general place of residence before the date of notification of caste.
  • Other relevant documentary evidence issued by competent authority which clarifies your caste.

In addition to above all the required documents the caste validity scrutiny committee will ask anytime to submit more who need for verification purpose.

Also by applying eTribe caste validity certificate form online to the eTribe Validity Mahaonline website portal upload more documents.

How To Get eTribe Caste Validity Certificate Online.

In order to simplify the delivery of citizen centric services and in line with the Maharashtra government “e-Governance Policy 2011”, Tribal Development department has identified the entire process of providing caste validity certificate to be made online via eTribe Validity application. This will help not only to provide to citizen services in a speedy and transparent manner but also improve the efficiency of the committees.

Register New Application.

  1. First visit the official website.
  2. Like the following image, click on New Registration to apply the validity certificate.
  3. After clicking New Registration in the second step enter complete personal details.

if you already have ST Validity Login, then click login and if not, then fill the information given below to create Basic Information and eTribe caste validity certificate login.

Login To Etribe Validity System.

Did you know how to login for Caste validity certificate form online etribe validity Stystem? Here is a Complete process Available.

  1. In the Purpose, select the field for which you are applying for caste validity certificate.
  2. Enter First Name, Middle Name and Last Name. (Keep in mind that your name is as cast in your caste certificate)
  3. Select gender
  4. Click Date of Birth by clicking on the calendar.
  5. Enter correct mobile number.
  6. UID (filled in the aadhar card number).
  7. Enter your email ID.
  8. Type Mothers First Name.
  9. Enter your caste certificate No.
  10. Create a new user name for Login (enter numbers and symbol combination for best user id).
  11. Create strong password.
  12. Enter confirm password who enter above.
  13. Now click on Submit button.

If you fill up all the above information successfully, your eTribe caste validity certificate login will be ready. In the next step, log in with the new login id and password you created on the time of registration.

And thus you successfully have created a new log in for ST students caste validity certificate online Application.

Now what is the next steps how to get ST students caste validity certificate Online in hindi read this post. We will publish full details in English on your preferred website as soon as possible.

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