How To Apply Post Matric SC, VJNT, SBC & OBC Freeship 2023 | Post-Matric Tuition Fee and Examination Fee 2023. 1

How To Apply Post Matric SC, VJNT, SBC & OBC Freeship 2023 | Post-Matric Tuition Fee and Examination Fee 2023.

Maharashtra government distribute one more Post-Matric Tuition Fee and Examination Fee scheme. Do you know what is this scheme name? If you do not know read check it here full information. the scheme name is GOI Post Matric OBC Freeship Scheme 2023-24.

SC, VJNT, SBC, OBC Freeship Application Complete Details

Compared to the number of students applying for bharat sarkar post matric scholarship scheme, even though applications for the freeship scheme come down, but the benefits are almost the same. Under this scheme, the Scholarship Maintenance Allowance for SC, ST, NT, SBC, OBC Freeship form 2023 is the only benefit that is not given to eligible students.

Do you know how to apply online to get Mahadbt SC, VJNT, SBC, OBC Freeship profit? Do you know what Maharashtra FreeShip Eligibility Criteria was kept? Do you know which documents are required for freeship? Do you know what is Freeship Online Form 2023-24 Last Date?

Many such questions may have been rising in the minds of the freeship applicants, you may have been worrying in your mind that you have to come to Search on this post. Now you do not have any need to worry.

We will give you information Mahadbt Mahait Freeship Form 2023 How to Apply Online Also, you will also know about other information for applications.

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What Is Freeship Scheme.

Freeships are a benefit given to different departments that come in the Scholarship & Fellowship category.

Freeship scheme meaning in this article means that the benefit that is given to the income limit kept for the benefit that is given for the regular course is called free ship.

Just like if an applicant wants to apply for scholarship scheme and its annual income is more than Rs. 1 lakh, then he can not apply for this scheme because the limit has been kept for one lakh.

But if the same annual income is more than Rs 1 lakh and within 8 lakhs then they are given the benefit of applying for the Freeship Scheme which includes Tuition Fees, Exam Fees etc 50% benefits to OBC and for SC, ST, NT, SBC Free ship benefits 100% are given.

So now you may know what is Scholarship & Freeship Difference. For which purpose the benefits of the freeship scheme are given, the main points you must read.

Freeship Overview.

  • Create interest in education among students.
  • Making financial assistance available for higher education.
  • Scholarship scheme to avoid transparency, unity and delay.
  • Creating opportunities for financial growth through higher education.
  • All types of compulsory fees such as Tuition fees, Exam Fees and other admissible fees are reimbursed to the concern OBC category student.

Every state’s government offers a number of benefits to improve the level of education and to fill the education leakage of studying students, including SC, ST, VJNT, SBC, OBC Freeship Scheme.

The benefits received for this freeish scheme will be of this type if the applicant is found correct in all the Eligibility Criteria and on time the FreeShip Form 2023 Online Complete does.

What Is Freeship Benefits.

  • All types of compulsory fees such as Tuition fees, Exam. Fees & other admissible fees are reimbursed to the concern Applicant vide Govt. Resolution dated 12/3/2007, since 2006-07 the Applicants who are admitted in professional courses through CAP round in the Govt., Govt. approved private non-aided and permanently non granted colleges are applicable to pay 50 % Tuition Fees & Exam Fees approved by Education Fee Committee.
  • Tuition Fee and Exam Fee are paid 100% to applicants who’s studying in government/aided institutions in professional courses.
  • Tuition Fee and Exam Fee are paid 50% to obc & 100% sc, st, sbc, vjnt applicants who’s studying in non-government/unaided institutions in professional courses.
  • Also those applicants are taken admission in Deemed University for professional courses won’t get benefit of scholarship / freeship.
  • Start date of application is depending upon the applicant takes admission in college/Institute and End date of application is depend upon the last date of examination.(For 10 months – it will vary every academic year on admission date).
  • For all above Applicants studying in private un-aided institutions, fees structure of government aided institutions will be applicable only for Non – Professional courses (Tuition Fees, Exam Fees and other Fees).

Thus, some of the main benefits of the Maharashtra Free ship Scheme 2023, Now let’s see what is the Mahadbt Freeship Eligibility Criteria 2023-24, which will help the applicant in making the right application. For any type of scholarship / freeship application, first check your eligibility criteria.

GOI Freeship 2023 Eligibility Criteria.

The applicant needs to understand the eligibility criteria first to get the benefit for every plan. If they are dealt with carefully, then a successful freestyle application helps in completing the application.

  • Applicant must be taking post matric education.
  • Parent’s annual income should be less than or equal to 8.00 Lacs.
  • Applicant should be belongs to relevant category like sc, st, nt, sbc and obc category.
  • Applicants must be pursuing the education course approved by the government from Post – Matric course.
  • Applicants must be residents of Maharashtra.
  • Applicant must be taken admission in government government aided / Private Non-Aided / Private permanently non aided courses.
  • Degree Courses in Health Science(Medical, Dental, Homeopathy, Unani, Ayurveda, Physiotherapy, Business Aid, Nursing) :
    If Applicant is admitted through Association of Managements of Unaided Private Medical and Dental Colleges entrance examination or admitted through government common entrance examination then he/she will be eligible the for the freeship.
  • Higher and Technical Education Department : Freeship will be applicable to unaided colleges / government and aided colleges with technical education / Polytechnic and government unaided professional courses. Following are the applicable courses for this scheme :
    • Diploma – Engineering, Pharmacology, HMCT
    • Degree – Engineering, Pharmacology, HMCT
    • Post Graduate –MBA/MMS, MCA.
  • Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Dairy Development and Fisheries Department :
    The scholarship fees will be applicable to the Applicants who have been admitted through government quota in private un aided/permanently un aided institute.
    • Agricultural colleges (diploma)
    • Dairy Business Department (Diploma)
    • Colleges for Agricultural and Allied subjects (Degree and Post Graduate)
    • Agriculture and Bio-Technology Colleges (Degree and Post Graduate)
    • Agriculture and Food Technology Colleges (Graduate and Post Graduate).
  • For B.Ed and D.Ed courses : 100 % benefit (Tuition Fees, Exam Fees) is applicable for D.Ed, B.Ed courses. For students studying in Aided, UnAided for D.Ed, B.Ed courses then Fee structure is applicable as per Government rates for same course.
  • For professional courses Applicant should admitted through CAP round is must.
  • If Applicant fails in particular year then he will get the Tuition Fees and Exam Fees of that particular academic year but he/she will not get the benefit until he/she gets promoted to next higher class.
  • Applicant will be eligible for scholarship if he / she changes the course Non – Professional to Professional but he will not be eligible if he / she changes the course from Professional to Non – Professional.
  • If an applicant pursuing professional course admitted in private un aided/permanently un aided institute for year 2015-16 onwards fails in the examination two or more times in particular academic course duration then he / she not eligible for the freeship.
  • Applicant studying in particular professional/Non-Professional course, and availing benefits of scholarship/freeship for that academic course and if he/she wants to change his existing Professional/Non-Professional course in between academic years he/she will not be eligible for freeship/scholarship for further course.
  • Scholarships/freeship will continue until Applicant completes one course. Ex. – 11th, 12th Arts – B.A., M.A. , M.Phil., P.H.D. If, Applicant completed B.A and B.Ed. course and later after taking admission for M.A., for M.A. course He/she will not be allowed for scholarship/freeship. But after admission to M.B.A. after B.Ed, it can be eligible for scholarship/freeship as it is a professional postgraduate course.

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Renewal Policy For Freehip.

Freeship application renewal is done when admission is taken for more than one year course. As we have also explained above, for every course that runs for more than a year.

It is mandatory for the applicant to renew the application for every second or more than semester, year to get the benefit of the scheme.

  • Applicant need to provide previous years marksheet.
  • At a time Applicant can apply freeship for only one educational course and it will be applicable till he/she completes that educational course in specified time.
  • Applicant need to pass each year of the specified educational year [In case of failure in a particular year he/she wont be provided reimbursement of tuition fees, Exam fees for that year].
  • Applicant cannot take freeship for more than 2 professional courses.
  • If due to any medical condition or due to any unforeseeable event the Applicant cannot appear in the annual examination, the head master of the college can approve or certify that if the Applicant would have appeared in the annual examination, he would have been able to pass the examination. This will be only allowed if the head of the institution is satisfied by the submission of medical proof or any other required sufficient proof that the Applicant presents to the college.

The information given in this article is given only for Mahadbt Scholarship / Freeship. Applicant should apply online for freeship 2023 only when he is enrolled and is a regular enrolled student.

SNSC, SBC, VJNT, OBC Freeship Eligible Courses
1M. B. A.
2M. M. S.
3Master in Computer Application
4Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Agricultural Engineering
5Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Civil Engineering
6Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Computer Science and Engineering
7Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Information Technology
8Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Computer Science and Technology
9Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Electrical Engineering
10Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Electronics and Telecommunication Engg
11Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Electronics Engineering
12Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Instrumentation and Control Engineering
13Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Instrumentation Engineering
14Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Plastic and Polymer Engineering
15Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Food Technology
16Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Chemical Engineering
17Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Automobile Engineering
18Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Production Engineering
19Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Mechanical Engineering
20Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech.) – Textile Technology
21Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Aeronautical Engineering
22Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Bio Technology
23Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Civil Engineering
24Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Civil and Water Management Engineering
25Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Environmental Engineering
26Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Computer Science and Engineering
27Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Computer Engineering
28Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Information Technology
29Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Computer Technology
30Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Electrical Engineering
31Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Electrical and Electronics Engineering
32Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Electrical Engg [Electrical and Power]
33Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Electrical Engg[Electronics and Power]
34Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Electronics and Electrical Engineering
35Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Electronics and Communication Engineering
36Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Electronics and Telecommunication Engg
37Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Electronics Engineering
38Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Bio Medical Engineering
39Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Instrumentation and Control Engineering
40Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Instrumentation Engineering
41Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Polymer Engineering
42Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Chemical Engineering
43Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Petroleum Engineering
44Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Petro Chemical Engineering
45Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Industrial Engineering
46Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Automobile Engineering
47Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Production Engineering
48Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Mechanical Engineering
49Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Production Engineering[Sandwich]
50Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Mining Engineering
51Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Printing Engineering and Graphics Communication
52Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Man Made Textile Technology
53Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Textile Engineering / Technology
54Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Textile Plant Engineering
55Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Textile Engineering (Fashion Technology)
56Bachelor of Pharmacy – Pharmacy
57Bachelor of H.M.C.T. – Hotel Management and Catering Technology
58Bachelor of Architecture – Architecture
59Bachelor of Architecture – Interior Design
60Bachelor of Engineering (Direct Second Year) – Computer Engineering
61Bachelor of Engineering (Direct Second Year) – Electronics and Telecommunication Engg
62Bachelor of Engineering (Direct Second Year) – Mechanical Engineering
63Bachelor of Engineering (Direct Second Year) – Mechanical Engineering
64Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Architecture Assistantship
65Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Interior Design
66Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Civil Engineering
67Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Construction Technology
68Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Civil and Rural Engineering
69Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Computer Science and Engineering
70Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Computer Engineering
71Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Information Technology
72Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Computer Technology
73Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Electrical Power System
74Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Electrical Engineering
75Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Digital Electronics
76Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Digital Electronics
77Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Electronics and Communication Engineering
78Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Electronics and Telecommunication Engg
79Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Electronics Engineering
80Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Industrial Electronics
81Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Instrumentation and Control Engineering
82Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Instrumentation Engineering
83Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Medical Electronics
84Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Leather Technology
85Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Leather Goods and Footwear Technology
86Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Plastic and Polymer Engineering
87Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Food Technology
88Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Chemical Engineering
89Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Plastics Engineering
90Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Plastics Engineering
91Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Petro Chemical Engineering
92Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Packaging Technology
93Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Automobile Engineering
94Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Production Engineering
95Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Production Technology
96Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Mechanical Engineering
97Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Medical Laboratory Technology
98Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Ophthalmic Technology
99Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Metallurgical Engineering
100Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Mining Engineering
101Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Mining and Mine Surveying
102Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Apperel Manufacturing and Design
103Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Travel and Tourism
104Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Printing Technology
105Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Sugar Technology
106Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Dress Designing and Garment Manufacturing
107Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Fashion and Clothing Technology
108Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Textile Manufactures
109Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Textile Manufactures
110Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Textile Technology
111Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Agricultural Engineering
112Post H.S.C. Diploma in Surface Coating Technology – Surface Coating Technology
113Post H.S.C. Diploma in Pharmacy (D. Pharm.) – Pharmacy
1143 Years L.L.B
116B.A. (Kirtanshastra)
117B.A. (Mass Communication & Journalism)
118B.A. (Music)
119B.A. (Pali Literature)
120B.A. (Rural Services)
121B.A. (Vedanga Jyotish)
122B.A. (Yoga)
123B.A. Lalit Kala (Dance, Drama, Music)
126B.Com. (Accounting and Finance)
127B.Com. (Banking & Insurance)
128B.Com. (Financial Markets)
132B.Sc. (Aeronautics)
133B.Sc. (Bioinformatics)
134B.Sc. (Biotechnology)
135B.Sc. (Forensic Science)
136B.Sc. (Home Science)
137B.Sc. (Microbiology)
138B.Sc. (Refrigeration & Air Conditioning)
139B.Sc. (Wine Technology)
140B.Sc.(Nautical Science)
141B.Voc(Travel Tourism)
142Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences)
143Bachelor of Library & Information Science (B.Lib.I.Sc.)
144Bachelor of Mass Media (B.M.M.)
145Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)
146Bachelor of Visual Arts (B.V.A.)
147BFA (Applied Arts & Crafts)
148BFA (Applied Arts)
149BFA (Bridge Course)
150BFA (Painting)
151BFA (Sculpture)
152Diploma in Library Science
153L.L.B(5 Years )
155M.A. (Applied Economics)
156M.A. (Defence Studies)
157M.A. (Economics)
158M.A. (Education)
159M.A. (Geography) (with Credits)
160M.A. (Hindi)
161M.A. (History)
162M.A. (Home Economics)
163M.A. (Marathi)
164M.A. (Mass Communication & Journalism)
165M.A. (Music)
166M.A. (Philosophy)
167M.A. (Political Science)
168M.A. (Psychology)
169M.A. (Public Administration)
170M.A. (Sociology)
171M.A. (Yogashastra)
172M.A. English
175M.Com. (Accountancy)
176M.Ed. (2-Year Course)
179M.Sc. (Analytical Chemistry)
180M.Sc. (Bioinformatics)
181M.Sc. (Biotechnology)
182M.Sc. (Botany)
183M.Sc. (Chemistry)
184M.Sc. (Electronic Science)
185M.Sc. (Electronics)
186M.Sc. (Environment & Safety)
187M.Sc. (Environmental Sciences)
188M.Sc. (Forensic Science)
189M.Sc. (Geography)
190M.Sc. (Geology)
191M.Sc. (Home Science in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics)
192M.Sc. (Home Science in Food Processing and Preservation)
193M.Sc. (Home Science in Foods, Nutrition & Dietetics)
194M.Sc. (Home Science in Human Development)
195M.Sc. (Home Science in Sports Nutrition)
196M.Sc. (Inorganic Chemistry)
197M.Sc. (Mathematics)
198M.Sc. (Microbiology)
199M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)
200M.Sc. (Petro.Technology)
201M.Sc. (Physical Chemistry)
202M.Sc. (Physics)
203M.Sc. (Plant Breeding & Molecular Genetics)
204M.Sc. (Statistics)
205M.Sc. (Zoology)
206M.Sc. in Geoinformatics
207M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry
208M.Sc.(Pestisides and Agrochemicals)
209Master of Laws (LL.M.)
210Master of Library & Information Science (M.Lib. & I.Sc.)
211Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed.)
212Master of Social Work (MSW)
213Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM)
214Post Graduate Diploma in Forensic Science and Related Law
215Post Graduation Diploma in Dietetics and Applied Nutrition
216Postgraduate Diploma in Digital and Cyber Forensic Science and Related Law
21711th Arts
21812th Arts
21911th Science
22012th Science
22111th Commerce
22212th Commerce
223Bachelor of medicine & Bachelor of Surgery(MBBS)
224Bachelor of Dental Surgery(BDS)
225Bachelor of Ayurveda, Medicine & Surgery(BAMS)
226Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery(BHMS)
227Bachelor of Unani Medicine and Surgery(BUMS)
228Bachelor of Physiotheraphy (BPTH)
229B.Sc. Nursing
230MSc In Polymer Chemstry
231MSc In Biochemstry
232BSc in Acturial Science
233MSc In Physics (Material Science)
234M.A. (Woman Study)
236M.Sc Electronics Media
237M.A. Mass Media
238M.A.Mass Communication
239M.A. Vedang Jyotish
240Master of Art in Mass Communication
241Master of Arts Sanskrut
242Master of Arts Urdu
243Master of Arts Linguistic
244Master of Arts Buddhist Studies
245Master of Arts Fine Art
246M.Sc. (Home Science)
247Bachelor of Dance
248B.Tech(Dairy Technology)
249M.A. A.I.H.C & Archaeology
250M.A. (Anthropology)
251M.A. Pali
252M.A. Sanskrit
253M.A. (Dance)
254B.Sc. (Honours)  (Agriculture)
255B.Sc. (Honours)   (Horticulture)
256M.Sc. (Agriculture)
257B.F.Sc.(Bachelor of Fisheries Science)
258M.F.Sc. (Fisheries Science)
259M.Sc. (Forestry)
260M.B.A. (Agri.)
261M.Sc. (Agricultural Bio-Technology)
262M.Sc. (Horticulture)
263B.Sc. (Honours)  (Animal Husbandry)
264B.Sc. (Honours)  (Forestry)
265M.Sc. (Post Harvest Management)
266B.V.Sc & A.H (Bachelor of Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry)
268M.Sc. A.G.P.M.
269M.Sc.Food Sciece
270PBBSc Nursing
271MSc Nursing
272B.A. (Psychology)
273Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Agricultural Engineering
274Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Man Made Textile Technology
275Bachelor of Engineering (B. E.) – Marine Engineering
276Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Electrical and Electronics (Power System)
277Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Sugar Manufacturing
278Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Electronics and Video Engineering
279Post S.S.C. Diploma in Engineering (Polytechnics) – Plastic Technology
280M.Sc Biodiversity
281M.F.A. (Printing / Applied Arts)
282M.A. Social Work in Children and Families
283M.A. Social Work in Criminology and Justice
284M.A. Social Work in Community Organization and Development Practice
285M.A. Social Work in Dalit and Tribal studies and Action
286M.A. Social Work in Disability Studies and Action
287M.A. Social Work in livelihoods and entreprenuership
288M.A. Social Work in Mental Health
289M.A. Social Work in Public Health
290M.A. Social Work in Women Centred Practice
291M.A. Globalisation and Labour
292M.A. Human Resources Management and Labour Relations
293M.A. Social Entrepreneurship
294M.A. Development Studies
295M.A. Education (Elementary)
296M.A. in Media and Cultural Studies
297M.A. / M.Sc. in Disaster Management
298MA Applied Psychology – Specialization in Clinical Psychology
299L.L.M. In Access To Justice
300B.A (Geography)
301Diploma in Plastics Mould Technology (DPMT)
302B.A (Home Economics)
303B.Ed.Special Eduaction
304B.Sc.(Facility Services)
305B.Sc. Nanoscience and technology (entire)
307B.Sc.(Honours) (Forestry)
308Bachelor of Performing Arts (B.P.A.)(3 Year)
309B.Sc.B.Ed.(4 Year)
310M.A. Women’s Studies
311Master of Science Artificial Intelligent & Embedded
312Master of Science Genetics
313Master of Science in Boi Processing
314Master of Science Micro Zoology
315Master of Scinece in Bhugarbhasatra
316M.A.M.Sc – Geography
317M.A.M.Sc – Mathematics
318Master Of Science Polymer Science
319Master of Science Communication Media For Child
320Master of Science in Nutrition & Food Processing
321Master of Science In Nutrition & Health Communication
322Master of Science Food Science and Nutrtion
323Master of Science (Home Science) Textile and Clothing
324Master of Science in Electronics Instrumentation
325Master of Science in  Genetic
326Master of Science Drug Chemistry
327Master of Science Environmental Technology
328Master of Science Non Vocational Energy Source
329Master of Science Photonics
330Master of Science(Industrial Engineering)2011 pattern
331Master of Science (Food Technology )
332M.Sc. (Biology)
333Master of Science in urban policy  & Governance
334Master of Science in water policy & Governance
335Master of Science in regularity Governance
336Master of Science  in DISASTER MANAGEMENT (DM)
337Master of Science in climate change & sustainability studies
338Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Film Direction
339Post Graduate Diploma Course in Cinematography
340Post Graduate Diploma Course in Film Editing
341Post Graduate Diploma Course in Sound Recording & Sound Design.
342Post Graduate Diploma Course in Acting
343Post Graduate Diploma Course in Art Direction & Production Design
344BFA in Drawing & Painting
345B.F.A. In Textiles Designer
346Bachelor of Social Legispecial
347Master of Arts Human Science
348Master of Arts In Arabic
349Master of Arts in Home Science
350Master of Arts Politics
351Master of Library  Science
352Post Graduate Diploma Cyber in Law
353Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Law
354Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Law
355Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Jurisprudents
356Bachelor of Education(Shikasanshtra)
358Master of Arts(Kala And Lalitkala)
359Master of Arts Dalit & Tribal Studies
360Master of Arts dramatics and Film Studies
361Master of Arts Hindi (Comparative Literature)
362Master of Arts Hindi(Language Technology)
363Master of Arts Hindi(Translation Technology)
364Master of Arts Non-violence and Peace Studies
365Bachelor Of Education(M.R.)
366Master of Arts in Logic
367Master of Arts in Politics
368Master of Labour Laws & Labour Welfare
369Master of Arts Industrial Psychology
370L.L.M(Business Law)
371L.L.M(Constitution  Law)
372L.L.M(Constitution And Administration Law)
373L.L.M(Corporate Law)
374L.L.M(Criminal  Law)
375L.L.M(Criminology And Payaralogy Law)
376L.L.M(Human Rights)
377Post Graduate Diploma in  Banking Laws
378Post Graduate Diploma in  Consumer Law
379Post Graduate Diploma in  Criminology & Forensic Law
380Post Graduate Diploma in  Dr. B.R. Ambedkar& Indian Legal System
381Post Graduate Diploma in  Environmental Law
382Post Graduate Diploma in  Intellectual & Property Law
383Post Graduate Diploma in  Labour Law
384Post Graduate Diploma in  Law, Medical Jurisprudence
385Master of Arts in Kannad
387Bachelor of Education H.R.
388Bachelor of Education( Urdu Medium )
389Bachelor of Library Science
390Master of Arts(Education Communication)
391Master of Arts(Public Services)
392Master of Commerce(Subject Communication)
393Master of Arts in counselling
394Master of Arts in Habitat policy and practice
395Master of Arts  in DISASTER MANAGEMENT (DM)
396Master of Arts in management in policy analysys and Enterpreneurship  in & mental health
397Master of Arts in regularity Governance
398Master of Arts in climate change & sustainability studies
399Master of Arts in water policy & Governance
400Master of Arts in urban policy  & Governance
401Master of Arts (Rular Development)
402Diploma in Library and information science
403Diploma in Education
404Diploma in Teacher Education
405Diploma in Special Education (Hearing Impaired)
406Bachelor of Arts Maths
407Bachelor of Science in ( Artificial Informatics In Mobile Communication )
408Bachelor of Science Informatics
409Bachelor of Science Manufacturing
410Bachelor of Arts (Sanskrit)
411Bachelor of Arts(Prashasakiya Seva)
412Bachelor of Arts In Education
413Bachelor Of Commerece In  Global Finance
414Bachelor Of Commerece In Foreign Trade
415Bachelor Of Science(Food Science and Quality Control)
416Bachelor of Science(Sugar Technology)
417BA(Atrs & Craft)
418Becholar of Arts (economics)
419Becholar of Arts (Enviourmental Studies)
420Becholar of Arts (Geology)
421Becholar of Commerce (A&C)(B&I)
422Becholar of Science (C.S. with Maths&Statistics)
423Becholar of Science (Chemistry)
424Becholar of Science (With PCM/Microbiology)
425Becholar of Science with P.C.M./B.Z.
426Becholar of Science(B.Tech.)
427Bachelor of Commerce in Tax Procedure & Practices(Vocational Course)
428Bachelor of Commerce( Language Arabic & Persian )
429Bachelor Of Science Communication & Science
430Bachelor Of Science Electronic
431Bachelor Of Science Environmental Science
432Bachelor Of Science Physics
433Bachelor Of Science Vocational Biotechnology
434Bachelor Of Science Vocational Electronic Equipment Maintenance
435Bachelor Of Science Vocational Still, Photography & AudioVisual
436Bachelor of Social Science
437Bachelor of Arts (Vocational)
438Bachelor of Commerce Vocational
439Bachelor of Commerce Vocational Ancillary Advertising ,Tourism & Travel
440Bachelor of Home .Science ( F.S.N. Textile & Clothing )
441Bachelor of Science (Clinical Lab Science)
442Bachelor of Science (Food Science & Quality Control)
443Bachelor of Science Home.Science ( Composite H.Sc.FSN)
444Bachelor of Science (Nutrition And Dietetics)
445B.A. in Social Work
446Bachelor of Science (ECS)
447Bachelor of Science (Entrepreneurship)
448Bachelor of Science Food Science
449Bachelor of Science Food Technology
450Bachalor of Arts(Police Administration)
451Bachalor of Arts(Road Transportation)
452Bachelor of Arts(Public Services)
453Bachelor of Arts(Service Administration)
454Bachelor of Arts(Textile)
455Bachelor of Science(Business Information Systems)
456Bachelor of Science(Industrial Science)
457Bachelor of Journalism
458Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
459Bachelor of Science (Biology)
460Bachelor of Science(CBZ)
461Bachelor of Arts in Performing Art.(Dance)
462Bachelor of Arts in Performing Art.(Music)
463Bachelor of Arts in Performing Art.(Drama)
464Bachelor of Arts in Performing Art
465Bachelor Of Engineering Industrial electrical Engineering
466Bachelor Of Textile (Textile Chemistry)
467Bachelor of Engineering and Technology
468Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Food Engineering & Technology
469Bachelor of engineering (Metallurgical & Materials)
470Diploma (Polytechnic)
471Diploma in Engineering(Electronics)(Aided)
472Diploma in Engineering (Production Technology)
473Bachelor of Hotel Management Travel & Tourism
474Architecture and Design Studies
475Bachelor Of Engineering (Printing & Graphics)
476Bachelor of Technology (Chemical)(Food, Pulp & Paper, Oil & Paint and Petrochemical Technology)
477Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Fibers & Textiles Processing
478Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Oils,Oleochemicals & Surfactants Technology
479Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Polymer Engineering & Technology
480Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Surface Coating Technology
481Agriculture Engineering Diploma
482Master Of Business Administration(Technical Campus)
483Master of Science Environment
484Master of Science in Forensic Science
485Master Of Science Biodiveristy
486Master Of Science Petrolium Technology
487Master of Science Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
488Master of Science (Home Science) Food Science and Nutrition
489Master of Science (Food Science)
490M.Sc. ( Bio-Analytical Science)
491M.Sc. ( Home Science ) Foods Processing & Preservation
492M.Sc. ( Home Science ) Sports Nutrition
493Master of science (Material science)
494B.F.A. In Applied Arts
495Bachelor of Education
496Bachelor of Physical Education
497Master of Arts In Geography
498Post Graduate in Diploma in Forensic science Related law
499Master of Arts(Kirtanshastra)
500Bachelor of Fine Arts in Craft
501Bachelor of Fine Arts Painting
502Bachelor of Fine Arts Sculpture
504Master of Arts Clinical Psychology
505Post Graduate Diploma in Nutrition & Dietetics
506Master of Arts in  Master of Journalism & Mass Communication
507Master of Arts in social work
508Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science
509Bachelor of Science in Refrigeration & A/C
510Bachelor of Arts(Kirtanshastra)
511Bachelor of Arts(Yogshashtra)
512Bachelor Of Science(Biochemistry)
513Bachelor Of Science(Nano Science and Tech. Entire)
514B.A.Home Science
515Bachelor of Arts (Pali)
516Bachelor of Science (Botany)
517Bachelor of Science (Zoology)
518Bachelor of Science(Aeronautics)
519Bachelor Of Science Applied Biotechnology
520Bachelor of Science(Nautical Sci.)2010 pattern
521Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)
522Bachelor of Art in Rural services
523Krushi Tantra Padvika/ Agriculture Technical Diploma
524Krushi Vidnyan Padvika/Diploma in Agricultural Technology/ Agriculture Polytechnic
525Master of Science Dairy Science
526Bachelor Of Education (Hearing Empered)
527Diploma in Dairy Science
528Master of Fine Arts Applied Art
529ART Teacher Diploma
530Diploma in live Stock Management & Dairy Producation (Dairy Diploma )
531Bachelor of Fine Arts in Rekha & Rangkala
532Bachelor of Fine Arts in Upayojita Kala
533Bachelor of Fine Arts in Shilpakala & Pratima Andh
534Bachelor of Fine Arts in Antargat Gruhsajavat
535Bachelor of Fine Arts in Matkam
536Bachelor of Fine Arts in Vastrakala
537Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dhatukam
538Mastya Abhiyabtriki Padvika/Diploma in Fisheries Engineering
539D.E.L.Ed/D.T.Ed In English
540D.E.L.Ed/D.T.Ed In Gujrathi
541D.E.L.Ed/D.T.Ed In Hindi
542D.E.L.Ed/D.T.Ed In Kannad
543D.E.L.Ed/D.T.Ed In Marathi
544D.E.L.Ed/D.T.Ed In Urdu
545Diploma Education Special Education (M.R)
546B.A(Fine Art)
547Bachelor of Arts Special
54811th MCVC
54912th MCVC
550Bachelor of Fisheries Science
551Bachelor of Business Administration (Agri)
552Master of Science (Fisheries)
553Bachelor of Science (AgriBioTechnology)
554Bachelor of Science(Forest Science)
555Bachelor of Science(Agriculture) and Bachelor Of Science(Garden Education)
556Bachelor of Technology (Agricultural Engineering)
557Bachelor of Science (Gardening)
558Master of Science(Agriculture) and Master Of Science(Garden Education)
559Master of Science(Forest Science)
560Master of Science(Agriculture Engineering)
561Bachelor of Science(Agriculture Engineering)
562Bachelor of Engineering in Bio- Informatics
563Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) in Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology
564Bachelor of Technology (Cosmetics)
565Agriculture Education Division Non Aided
566Advance Diploma in Hotel & Tourism Management

EBC Freeship 2023 Documents Required.

Now you should also know what is the last date for this scheme, how to do the online freeship application, and what will be the required Documents for Freeship.

  • Caste certificate- should be issued by competent authority.
  • Income certificate- should be issued by competent authority.
  • HSC or SSC marksheet or last examination mark sheet.
  • Gap certificate – Not mandatory but in case of gap it is mandatory.
  • Declaration certificate of parents/guardians about number of children beneficiaries.
  • If applicable father death certificate.
  • CAP Allotment Letter (For Professional Courses).
  • Caste Validity Certificate (For Professional Courses As Per GR Dated 31st July 2008) Exempted Professional courses to be identified.
  • Leaving Certificate.
  • Ration card for identify number of children’s in family.

How To Apply Freeship Form 2023-24.

Major changes this year have been done to fill the freiship / scholarship form. Apply freeship only after carefully reading the information first. Application for SC Freeship is to be done separately and for the remaining category, it has to be done by selecting different department and scheme which has been given below step.

For Sc Freeship.

Step 1.

  1. First visit
  2. Create a new Mahadbt free ship Login with Freeship New Registration.
  3. Once Mahadbt User ID and Password are created, visit the link above again.
  4. Login to Mahadbt Scholarship When you log in.
  5. complete your scholarship Profile Details first.
  6. Click on All Schemes next to the log in dashboard and the left side will appear.OBC Freeship Online Application
  7. In the next step, select Social Justice and Special Assistance Department in the Department.
  8. Here select Post-Matric Tuition Fee and Examination Fee (Freeship) in Schemes Name.
  9. Now click on the Search option to proceed.
  10. Click on Take Action as shown in the image.

Step 2.

  1. Is this a Renewal Application? Click Right Choice.
  2. Upload CAP round allotment letter in choose file section.
  3. Upload Caste Validity Certificate.SC Freeship Documents Uploading
  4. Now Click on Save Button to save Sc freeship application 2023-24.
  5. Again check all the information in the next window.
  6. In the last step, click on submit option and forward the sc freeship form 2023 to your college login.

So for this post-Matric Tuition Fee and Examination Fee (Freeship) Sc Candidates. Now let’s see which steps to follow for VJNT, SBC, OBC freeship.

For VJNT, SBC, OBC Freeship.

Step 1.

Follow the first step given above.

  1. Login to the free ship application 2023.
  2. Fill up the mahadbt profile details first before before apply freeShip application.

After filling scholarship profile details, it is now turn to filled Online Freeship Form. Keep in mind that there are separate departments and separate schemes for OBC, VJNT, SBC to apply for freeships.

Step 2.

  1. Click All Schemes. Please select VJNT, OBC and SBC Welfare Department in the next step.
  2. OBC students in the Schemes Name select Tuition Fees and Examination Fees to OBC.OBC Freeship Online Application
  3. If you belong from VJNT or SBC category then select Tuition Fees and Examination Fees to SBC or VJNT wherever applicable.
  4. For example, OBC students select Tuition Fees and Examination Fees to OBC Students in freeship scheme.
  5. Now click on the Search option to proceed. Click on Take Action as shown in the image.

Step 3.

  1. Now you have to upload NT, SBC, OBC Freeship Required Documents.
  2. Is This Renewal In “No” for the year 2023.
  3. Upload Family Declaration Certificate.
  4. Upload Leaving Certificate Upload the Ration card.OBC Freeship Online Application
  5. Upload the cap allotment letter (if professional course).
  6. Upload Cast Validity Certificate (required for professional courses).
  7. Now click on Save and continue. Click the Submit button in the last step to forward your VJNT, SBC, OBC Freeship 2023-24 to your institute login.

In this way all eligible SC, NT, SBC, OBC students can apply online for GOI Post Matric Tuition Fees and Examination Fees Freeship Scheme 2023-24. Do you know what’s the freeship last date? If you do not know then know it.

Scheme NameDepartment NameApplication End Date
Post-Matric Tuition Fee and Examination Fee (Freeship) SCSocial Justice and Special Assistance DepartmentMaha DBT Last Date
Tuition Fees and Examination Fees to VJNT, SBC, OBC Students Freeship Last DateVJNT,OBC and SBC Welfare DepartmentLast date of Mahadbt

Still, if you have any question or suggestion related to the freestyle form in your mind, then please share it with us in the comments box given below. We want every applicant to apply for Post-Matric Tuition Fee and Examination Fee Freeship Form Online 2023 before the free ship application last date passes.

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Hope you like this post How To Apply Online Post Matric Tuition Fee And Examination Fee Freeship 2023. Once carefully read the information before applying online SBC, OBC, VJNT, SC Freeship Form 2023-24.

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