Singapore Scholarship for international students

What Are Singapore Scholarship (SINGA) & How To Apply For Singapore Government Scholarships Online?

The Singapore Scholarships is provided to identify and support outstanding students who demonstrate academic excellence, strong leadership potential, high intellectual capacity, sound character, a passion for creativity and innovation.

And the season for the international scholarships is yet again activating. Even amid this corona pandemic, the Singaporean Government has kept the flames of education burning bright by announcing this year’s Scholarships.

These scholarships are provided by Agency for science, technology & Research also known as A*STAR. Scholarship Singapore is offered not only by one but from different universities.

Singapore Scholarship for international students

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What Is Singapore Scholarship?

The Singa Scholarship 2023 is a Grants, and Fellowships for International Students to study abroad.

For a detailed list of Singapore Scholarship, Fellowships, and grants in Singapore for international students here is a complete eligibility Criteria, last date, application form procedure & more.

If you are Bachelor’s student or an master’s students you can eligible to apply for the popular fully-funded Singapore scholarship scheme.

For Graduate, Undergraduate, Post doctoral, Junior College, Polytechnic and Secondary School Students are also eligible to apply scholarship in Singapore.

If you want to get information like Singapore Graduate Scholarship, Postgraduate scholarship Singapore, Bond free scholarship Singapore, Masters scholarship Singapore and PhD scholarships in Singapore etc. then you have come to the right information hare.

About the Singapore Scholarships : 

All the applicants coming from any country can apply for the Fully Funded Government Singapore Scholarships. To apply for this scheme will do not charged any online application fee.

Name Of ScholarshipSingapore International Graduate Award (SIGNA Scholarship)
Government by fully-funded Singapore Government Scholarship
Approved CoursesGraduate, Under Graduate, Degree, Master Degree, Doctoral Courses
Last Date1 June 2023
Academic Year2023-24

The courses of the Singapore universities will be taught in English. As per the passport ranking, Singapore country is ranked as one of the best powerful countries.

Which Singaporean Universities are fall under the Scholarship program?

Singaporean Scholarships are available in 3 Universities in Singapore. The complete list of universities are as below:

  1. SUTD – Singapore University of Technology and Design
  2. NTU – Nanyang Technological University
  3. NUS – National University of Singapore

Top 3 Universities of Singaporian such as by The NUS National University of Singapore, Second as NTU Nanyang Technological University And the third is Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) is awarded scholarships in Singapore.

Singapore Scholarship for international students

What are the eligibility criteria for Apply Singaporean Scholarships in 2023?

Students of any nationality from around the world are eligible for the Singapore International Scholarship Award. The basic eligibility criteria for the scholarships program in Singapore is are below:

  • Graduate, Unser Graduate, Polytechnic, Junior College, And School Level students.
  • Of course fluent grip on the English Language With outstanding writing command.
  • Excellent academic references.
  • Recommendation letters by eligible authorities.

So Let’s see What is course-wise Academic Requirements for Singapore International Scholarships are applicable.

For Master’s Degree in Research or in Philosophy Program

The only academic requirement you need is a bachelor’s degree with first or second-class honors.

For Ph.D. degree Program:

As the Phd programs are more advanced, in order to be eligible, you must have adequate research experience and capability in the respective field you’re applying for.

Apart from this, you require either of the following educational Background.

  • The bachelor’s degree with first or second class in the respective field.
  • The master’s degree with basic research capabilities and experience.

The incredible benefits of Singaporean Scholarships.

The incredible benefits of Singaporean Scholarships are here All around the world, various countries give state-sponsored scholarships.

Although out of all of them, the scholarship funded by the Singaporean Government is one of the best and highly paid scholarships and that’s the reason why researchers and scholars with incredible passion have been enrolling for it.

So here are the complete benefits of the scholarship in Singapore available.

  • Full program fees for both master’s degree and Ph.D. programs.
  • Flight Expense – Yes, they do provide you a grant of $1500 for your transportation.
  • Establishment Expenses – To help you settle down in Singapore for $1000.
  • Stipend and Living Expense – Here comes the most interesting part. You’ll be given
    $2000 stipend and it may increase to $2500 upon cracking the Qualification Exam

Programs that are covered by the Singapore Government Scholarships 2023.

This scholarship benefits are given for many programs and courses, which can be as given below.

  • Graduate Degree,
  • Postgraduate degree,
  • Ph.D. followed by a postgraduate degree,
  • Ph.D. followed by a 4-year undergraduate program,
  • More than 50+ programs in various fields are being offered by SIGNA.

To know more about kindly check the university’s official websites |

Now already covered topics such as what is educational qualifications, Which Programs to be eligible for apply Singaporean scholarships are completed.

Now you will require documents before you apply for the Singapore scholarships, let’s see what is documents are necessary for this scholarship application in Singapore.

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Documents for the Singaporean Government Scholarships 2023.

The good thing is you don’t need to send physical copies of your documents to Singapore if you’re applying for them. The entire process is online.

But that also means that you need to keep all your documents ready, handy, and scanned to upload whenever required. So here is the list of documents you may need:

  • Photographs: Recent captured passport-size photographs.
  • Degree certificates – You would require your respective degree certificate mentioned above.
  • Degree Transcript – In case you haven’t received your degree yet, you can submit the Letter Of Certification.
  • Recommendation Letters – You must have to submit at least 2 recommendations. letters which are given by your reference.
  • Passport – Make sure that your passport is properly scanned and your image visible in it

If you do not have a Transcript certificate You can get your degree transcript from your university and submit it as a Letter of Certification.

What is the deadline for the Singaporean Scholarships?

The last date of application for the Singapore Government Scholarship application 2023-24, is 1st June 2023. Do not forget apply online Singapore Scholarships for international students within the last dates as per schemes.

How to apply for the Singapore scholarships?

Any international student who fits the above-mentioned criteria can apply for this scholarship Course wise.

Through Singapore Government Scholarship 2023 program by applying online on the scholarship portals such as And etc.

  1. Visit the Official Singa Scholarships 2023 Website.
  2. Select information about your course.
  3. Register New Account For Singapore Scholarship.
  4. Enter Your Login Details.
  5. Enter your application details,
  6. Passport details need to enter,
  7. Upload Documents,
  8. Submit Application.

After this, wait for the merit list to be released. Watch the video about A * STAR Agency for Science, Technology and Research University below.

At the National University of Singapore believe that knowledge and research can, and should, be used to improve lives. To empower NUS students has pioneered some of the most innovative programmes available today.

Choose a star university to study in Singapore from worldwide wide-ranging multi-disciplinary curricula, including over 70 joint, concurrent and double degree courses established with the world’s leading universities.

Peoples Also Asks Questions about Singaporean Scholarships.

Many Applications rejected due to less information. For Detail Singapore Scholarship Guide Please check the most asked questions about singaporian scholarships here.

Who can apply for the Singapore scholarships?

Well, Students from any of the countries can apply for a scholarship in Singapore. There’s no objection and limitations over who can apply.

Can I study in Singapore for free of Cost?

It is possible but not complete, education is free only for the students studying in the Universities of Singapore. But it is not free of cost for students from other countries to study in Singapore. Because all Singapore Universities charge tuition fees.

Can I Apply Singapore Scholarship Application Free?

A happy thing is definitely that On top of that, the application for the scholarships in Singapore is completely free and No application fee will be charged.

How to get a scholarship For Study in Singapore?

Its a Fully Funded Scholarship by Singapore Government for International Students. The Scholarships is offered in 3 different top-ranked Singaporean Universities such as (STAR) & (NUS).

What grades I need for a scholarship?

The applicant is required to be second class grade if eligible for this awards.

When can I apply for scholarships in Singapore?

There are different dates for each course and program. For example, it starts from December and end up to July.

which exams to give scholarship for PG in Singapore

There are no specific exams for scholarships to study abroad as most scholarships are based on a selection list of merit.

They consider your High school results, SAT, Statement of Purpose, co-curricular achievements, Letter of explanation, and applicant profile.

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How should you like the Singapore scholarship for international students 2023 information, In the comment you can also ask your questions here.


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