How to prepare general english for competitive exams

How Important & How To Prepare General English For Competitive Exams?

In this Topic you will learn How To Prepare General English for Competitive Exams, We will share tips here on How to prepare for English in any Competitive Examinations.

Many candidates hailing from the Hindi Medium background find it hard to cope with the General English section asked in various government job examinations.

Be it any competitive exam, English plays a crucial role in the final selection of a candidate. The candidates with a strong foundation in English Grammar and Reading faculty get an edge over other candidates. 

How to prepare general english for competitive exams

Without acing English, chances of the final selection of a candidate are quite minimal in competitive exams. The majority of the candidates consider mastering English a tough task.

But in reality, English is an easy subject to command and a great subject to score. Hence, in the article, we have shared the preparation hacks to master English within a few months, irrespective of your current standing in English. 

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Tips to Master General English for Competitive Exams.

There is no need to tell the importance of English in competitive exams because now general English is present in all competitive exams.

If you want to learn General English quickly for competitive exams, then you should clear its basics first like Grammar, Comprehension, Tricky Grammar Rules, Vocabulary, Cloze tests, Spelling Mistakes, Jumbled Words, etc.

We have written this guide about how you can master general English for competitive exams, please read carefully.

Grammar Importance In General English for Competitive exams :

Be it any competitive exam, a large portion of questions asked are based on Grammatical Rules. English Grammar is often misunderstood as tough.

But, in reality, if someone studies Grammar Rules for a month from important topics like Verb, Noun, Pronoun, Adjectives, etc.


He can easily score well in English Grammar Section. Even for a beginner, mastering the Grammar section is relatively easier than getting command over comprehensions. 

You will get complete information from here about the General English syllabus for competitive exams.

  • Comprehension:

You can score average marks by studying Grammatical Rules and vocabulary. But, if you want to maximize your marks in English, you will have to develop strong reading abilities.

A candidate with good reading abilities can effortlessly answer the majority of the English questions asked in competitive exams.

Reading should be a habit as it will help you to understand and solve all types of comprehension questions later on. At the same time, it will also develop a strong foundation for vocabulary & grammar.

  • Tricky Grammar Rules:

English grammar for competitive exams is very very important, Also apart from this, you cannot learn English. That is why first of all learn the grammar of general English.

In English, as a subject, there are various exceptions in Grammatical rules in almost every topic. Grammatical topics like Conditional Sentences, modals, infinitives, and prepositions have a lot of exceptions.

In competitive exams, the majority of the questions are framed from these tricky grammar topics. Hence, it becomes important to learn these tricky Grammatical topics in depth. 

  • Vocabulary:

In every competitive exam, questions from Vocabulary sections are frequently asked. The vocabulary section usually consists of Word Substitution, Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms, and Proverbs. The vocabulary section can’t be developed in a few days.

But, if a candidate spends 1 hour daily reading the newspaper and learning new vocabulary- he can become dab-handed in the Vocabulary section of English quite easily. 

Cloze Test Importance in General English for Competitive Exams.

One of the most tricky topics of English is cloze tests. Only the candidates with strong basics of Grammar Rules and reading abilities can score well in Cloze tests.

Thus, if you are a beginner, you should not expect to score well in Cloze tests unless you have studied grammar rules earnestly.

Getting command in cloze tests is a gradual process that can be achieved by regular practice and daily reading habits. 

  • Spelling Mistakes:

The questions asked in competitive exams from Spelling mistakes sections are often easy. However, in a few exams, the level of spelling mistake questions is quite high.

But, whatever may be the level of questions, if you study basic spelling rules, you can easily score well in this subsection of English. Moreover, in the majority of competitive exams, most of the spelling mistake questions are repeated.  

  • Jumbled Words:

One of the other important sections of General English for competitive exams is jumbled words. Questions from this topic are asked frequently, however, the level of question varies according to the exam.

To score well in this topic, you will need to have a strong foundation of conjunctions, grammar rules, and reading abilities. Your marks in this section will gradually increase once you master Grammar rules and comprehension.

English is a very scoring subject, and its questions take relatively little time to solve. In this tough domain of competitive exams, you can easily lead the competition if you develop a strong command of English.

Go to Best Websites For Preparing English For Competitive Exams.

Search on Google About best website to prepare English for competitive exams? Because to learn English quickly, you will need a virtual master and if you want a virtual teacher without money, then go to the best websites that teach English.

Read newspapers, magazines and listen to the radio in English or watch English episodes –

The important thing is that if you keep the habit of reading newspapers or magazines daily every day because by adopting such daily habits, it will help in improving your grammar and vocabulary quickly.

Simultaneously, talk to someone in English or watch and listen to English on television or radio and analyze the formation of words.

This will allow you to start learning new words every now and then and note down the ones you don’t understand and learn their meanings.

Along with newspapers, television, keep preparing for general awareness and current affairs as it is also important.

Conclusion General English for competitive exams

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  1. What is the role of English while preparing for competitive exams?

    Everywhere where competitive examinations are held, the first default language is English. In any type of exam like NEET, JEE Main, Ph.D., MHTCET and Net set, every exam is also held in this language.

    Along with this, banking examinations or any kind of education examination which is conducted for professional courses are also conducted in this language.

    That is why it is very important to have an understanding of English grammar, vocabulary, and words to be successful in any competitive examination.

  2. How can I prepare for general English?

    First of all, whenever you prepare for General English, make a scheduled timetable that when and how many hours you will prepare for English every day.

    Include general English grammar books in your studies, which are very good books by AP Bhardwaj and SP Bakshi. Not only this, start solving previous question papers of any competitive exams you have to prepare, which means start mock tests.

    First of all, cover those subjects and topics which are not in your knowledge and are weak. Keep doing them again until you understand.

  3. How can I prepare for general studies for competitive exams?

    To study General Knowledge, you should first prepare notes. Simultaneously, proceed with the preparation of GK and current affairs. After this, you have to write because writing is the best way to prepare for any exams.

In this way, General English for competitive exams is important, so learn English quickly and try to fly a new flying because apart from this you will find many obstacles in moving forward.

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