Maharashtra Employee Shalarth Pay Slip Login

How To Generate Online Shalarth Pay Slip in Shalarth Login Download, View & Print out.

How to download Shalarth pay Slip online for Government Employees? This is an article made keeping in mind an Individual employee so that every employee of the Shalarth payslip Maharashtra state gets information about how they see their salary.

Maharashtra Employee Shalarth Pay Slip Login

How can people download different queries like online pay Slip in Shalarth Maharashtra gov in log in? how to check Shalarth Maharashtra gov in website? 

How to check Shalarth online pay bill and how to print Shalarth pay slip from IFMS Shalarth portal Maharashtra etc.

What is IFMS Shalarth Pay Slip Meaning?

Shalarth means a website that has been created to display the salary online of the employees of Maharashtra.

Pay slip means salary printout copy which is called Maharashtra Shalarth slip download.

Shalarth system This is a centralized web-based Integrated System portal that makes the salary of permanent employees by generating individual Shalarth IDs.

Yes, if you are also a permanent employee of the state of Maharashtra, then now you can see and download your salary slip Shalarth for every month.

We have already written an article on the complete details of Shalarth Salary bill login process which can be beneficial for you.

Shalarth Pay Slip is a comprehensive Maharashtra state salary statement that provides detailed information about your salary, dues, deductions, and other financial components related to your employment.

The Shalarth salary slip technology is designed to keep you informed about your monthly salary breakdown and offers transparency in understanding your total salary and deductions.

Key Features of Shalarth Pay Slip Online:

Gross: This section outlines the various components of your monthly salary, including basic pay, allowances, incentives, and any other special payments. It provides a clear picture of the gross amount earned during the pay period.

Deductions: Here, you will find a breakdown of all deductions made from your salary, such as income taxes, life insurance premium contributions, medical insurance premiums, and any other statutory or voluntary deductions.

These deductions may vary from month to month based on your individual circumstances.

Net Pay: The bottom line of the Shalarth pay slip net pay displays your net pay, which is the amount you receive after all deductions have been taken out from your gross earnings. This is the actual amount you will receive in your bank account.

Payslip Period: The pay slip Shalarth online print specifies the period for which the salary is being paid, typically indicating the start and end dates of the pay cycle.

Shalarth Pay Slip is an essential document that helps you monitor your monthly payments, review your salary components, and validate the accuracy of your payments.

It is crucial to keep your Shalarth pay slips secure and maintain them for future reference, especially for income tax purposes and any other financial transactions that may require proof of income.

What happens in IFMS Shalarth Pay Slip Print?

The pay slip will Shalarth open after the complete process given below, then you will get to see all the information as per below in it.

Information contained in the Shalarth payslip.

  • Employee Name,
  • Office Name,
  • Employee’s Shalarth Id,
  • Designation,
  • Employee date of birth,
  • Salary Particulars,
  • Pay Band,
  • Total Emolument & Net Pay
  • employee’s bank account number,
  • GPF/DCPS Account Number,
  • Govt./Non-Goverment Recoveries,
  • Voucher Number And Voucher Date.

In this way information for every downloaded or printed pay slip Shalarth login Maharashtra employee will be visible.

How to download Maharashtra Shalarth Pay Slip?

You should know that there should be 2 things to download or view Online Payslip from the Shalarth portal which are given below.

  • EmployeeSharth ID,
  • Payslip Login Password.

Contact your department to get the student ID and see the process given below for the password.

Maharashtra employees can see Shalarth pay slip only on mobile and it is necessary to do the process given below to print your monthly pay slip on your computer by login to the Shalarth website.

Open the Shalarth website! Download Shalarth Pay Slip for Teachers.

  • First of all, go to the Shalarth website for Shalarth login,
  • Now enter the employee Shalarth id when the login page opens,
  • enter ifms123 for Password it is the same password for all,
  • Enter the captcha as given next.
  • Finally, click on login.

Maybe sometimes Shalarth’s pay slip login is wrong then try again. If it still does not happen then you need to reset the password from your department.

Shalarth Pay Slip Login Password Reset.

If you have logged in, then you will have to change the default password of the pay slip because before that the system will not let you go.

  • First, enter the old password which will be the default,
  • Then enter a new password in which a combination of numbers and letters should be kept.
  • Now click on change password.

In this way, the password will be changed in the first payslip login. New login will have to be done with the same password. If not, then contact your department for the password.

Keep in mind that the department means where the employees are doing duty, from there you will get it. There is a very easy process for this which is given below.

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How to forget Shalarth’s pay slip password?

Even after forgetting the Shalarth pay slip default password, you will get a new password in the same ifms123 payslip password format, which the employee can later change as given above.

If the pay slip login of the employee is done and after that, the password pay slip shalarth is to be forgotten, then it can be done by just clicking on change password.

But if the employee is unable to log in, then the Shalarth pay slip login password is reset by the office as given below.


Shalarth payslip password forgot.

  • After logging in, go to Worklist,
  • Next, click on reset employee password,
  • Write the employee’s shalarth id in the user name of Employee Details,
  • Now the employee name and DDO CODE will be automatically visible,
  • Finally, click on Update Password.

In this way, as soon as you click on the update password, the employee’s previous pay slip login password will be set in the default password, which is “ ifms123”.

Now let’s see the next process of how to print payslips after Shalarth pay slip login.

Employee Corner Pay Slip.

Now only one option of Worklist will be visible to the employees in the form of the Menu bar, in which pay slip can be printed, downloaded, and saved by the process given below.

  • Have to click on Employee Corner,
  • Now click on the employee payslip,
  • Next, select the month and year for which you want to see the salary slip.
  • Finally, click on View salary slip.

After this Employee Corner Pay Slip will appear your work is over because in the next moment, Shalarth salary slip is ready for viewing, downloading, or printing like the first image shown above.


In this, after every year from January 2019 till date, you can see the salary slip of your desired month and can also download and print it.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Shalarth Pay Slip, don’t hesitate to reach out to your head of department or payroll department for clarification and assistance.

Understanding your Shalarth pay slip is vital in managing your finances and planning for a secure financial future.

How to create a Shalarth payslip login?

It cannot be created but has already been created in the system on the ifms portal which the employee cannot do. It is also called Shalarth employee login.

How do I find my payslip password Shalarth online?

This is not possible until the office does not log in to its school. This means the pay slip password can be reset by the office.

How to find Shalarth id Page?

Shalarth id can be obtained from your office or it is present in employee statistics or the inner page in Shalarth login.

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We are pretty sure that now you must have got complete information about Shalarth online payslip download, and print. If you have any questions regarding Shalarth pay slip Shalarth login, then tell me in the comment.

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