maratha caste certificate online application form details

How To Apply For Maratha Caste Certificate Online In Maharashtra.

Do you know how to apply for caste certificate in Maharashtra State? Do you know how to get maratha caste certificate for Socially and educationally backward classes? caste certificates are issued on the all states according to reservation.

maratha caste certificate online application form details

If you do not know how do then this is fit and perfect post to apply now as per steps. After teasing the vigorous movement by new sebc cast. After all, a major change was seen and a new reservation was approved which is named Maratha Reservation.

Maratha Caste Certificate Application Form.

Before you go to apply for Maratha caste certificate online, we would definitely like to give you this information for a better result. A few days ago, the Maratha community had assembled for the rights of the entire Maharashtra state under the name of the revolution.

After the calm of the revolution movement, a movement was started with full force, after which the Maharashtra State Government was given 16% reservation to the Marathas and this reservation was given a new name under the name of SEBC.

The first certificate was made for scedeuled cast, obc cast, st, vjnt, sbc cast etc. Now for maratha cast, caste certificate will also be made. It may be that the SEBC may hear some visitors slightly new by hearing this name or they will think that what is full form sebc caste.

What Is SEBC Meaning.

The meaning of the word Sebc is socially and educationally backward classes. In Hindi, the word means सामाजिक और शैक्षिक रूप से पिछड़ा. Even though the Maratha caste list comprises 16% reservation, but till the applicants coming from Maratha tribe do not fill the Maratha caste certificate application form, they will not get any benefit.

Since the Maharashtra government has given this Maratha Reservation, since then only one question has arisen in the minds of people that how to get sebc class, how to remove Maratha caste certificate? How to make Maratha caste certificate? e.t.c.

After the signature of the honable governor, on March 1, 2018, the bill of Maratha reservation was passed with the approval of all the legislators, and a decision was also taken to add a point in the bindu namavali register for the job in the education sector.

After this reservation, another cast certificate has now been increased in the name of caste certificate of maratha. The start of the process of making caste certificates for SEBC Caste by the Maharashtra State Government has started now. If you also come from category of marathas then you can also process maratha caste certificate online apply.

What Is Documents Required For Maratha Caste Certificate.

The first Maratha cast certificate was created after maratha arakshan, this young man, Vaibhav Dambre, located in Ambad city of Jalna district. Maratha caste certificate online application is done or it has been processed offline only.

Full information is given in this post. This information is also included here on which documents will be taken to get maratha caste certificate.
Before filling the SEBC Caste Certificate Form, carefully look for all the below mentioned documents list maratha certificate.

It is important to apply maratha caste certificate form with the required of document, otherwise your application can be canceled. First, get a school leaving certificate from your primary school.

It is also necessary to mention the “Maratha” caste with clear words on the received lc. For this you can use the school living certificate of any class. If you are not proficient in English language, please we would like to suggest that you read this Hindi article on मराठा कास्ट सर्टिफिकेट कैसे बनाये.

Maratha Caste Certificate Document List.

  • Lc or Bonafide Certificate which requires clearly mention maratha.
  • Maratha Caste Proof of the applicant’s father on 13 October 1967 or earlier, in which Maratha caste has been mentioned.
  • For this proof, the applicant can report birth and death in addition to the LC, if the applicant’s father is employed in a government or partial government service, then he can copy the first page of his service book or the social welfare department a valid caste validity certificate will also be attach by cast validity scrutiny committee which comes in the department.
  • Proof of Domicile Certificate state resident
  • Affidavit Format is a maratha genealogical.
  • For proof of address of electricity bill or ration card
  • Pan Card / Aadhar Card / Driving License / Voting card etc. Anyone need to be zerox copy..

How to get hindu maratha caste certificate form.

So before process to apply maratha caste certificate first acquired all necessary documents above for only then proceed to apply. But an essential thing is that some applicants are an important question asked. What should I do if Maratha Caste Certificate proof is not available? Read what you should do in this case.

For this also provision has been provided if there is no evidence in any document that you are from Maratha caste, then there is only one method for this. When filling maratha category caste certificate form, the members of any of your family like the applicant’s brother, sister, uncle, grandparents, father sister or other relatives related to the blood are in evidence to attach their certificate.

This proof explains that he was born on October 13, 1967 or before, in your family, so any one of them valid to create caste certificate. Keep in mind that if the applicant’s father does not get any proof before the 13th October 1967, in which there is evidence of Maratha caste, then the descent can be given in affidavit.

In order to get caste certificates for Maratha candidates, process has started in all Tahsildar offices, Setu office, eseva offices in the district. If you also want to do maratha caste certificate online application for yourself, then take a look at this process for making.

This certificate can be made both online and offline. The applicant can use any method. Let us now know according to maratha caste certificate gr how to get caste certificate online for sebc in detail.

How to apply maratha caste certificate online form.

sebc caste certificate online application form process has not been started since the process has not been updated on system at maharashtra government portal. As soon as your government will see the update on the web portal, according to the procedure given below, the Maratha cast certificate will be available online.

  1. You will have to visit maharashtra government web portal.
  2. Create a new login by logging in.
  3. After registration is completed, please login.
  4. Apply for maratha caste certificate
  5. Make a certificate fee payment.
  6. Upload the required documents.
  7. After the given 21-day deadline the active button is available for maratha caste certificate download online .

How to apply maratha caste certificate offline form.

Maratha caste has been issued maratha caste certificate format and caste validity certificate for Maratha Caste, according to the rules, all the benefits of reservation will be given in jobs, in elections and at other places. Let’s now see how to create a maratha cast certificate.

  1. First of all get the maratha caste category application form from Tehsil office / bridge office.
  2. Complete the Maratha Caste Certificate form and paste the stamp receipt of 5 rupees.
  3. Take the signature of the competent authority on all the tickets and affidavits.
  4. Generation Affidavit.
  5. All the above are listed in the kunbi maratha caste certificate document list.

In this way submit entire application maratha jati pramanpatra to the Tehsil / Bridge office and pay the necessary cost. Do not forget to take the acknowledgment receipt after submitting the Maratha Cast Certificate application, which has been printed on the date / period of the submission of your certificate.

Also Check All Maratha Candidate How to apply online maratha non creamy layer certificate video in hindi. hindiedusupport youtube channel is upload daily educational videos.

In this way, every socially and economically backward classes can build their cast certificate. You are requested to spread this post as much as possible on social platform as many people still do not know how do maratha caste certificate download. You can bookmark this page right now because you can become smart too by giving this information to other people.

Hope you like this article how to make maratha caste certificate application form. We have always welcomed your problem and suggestions. We are pretty sure that you will share this article to all our Maratha brothers, so that they will be able to get Maratha caste validity certificate. You can subscribe to this blog for similar updates.


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