How To Generate Shalarth Salary Bill Online @ For Maharashtra State Government Employees. 2

How To Generate Shalarth Salary Bill Online @ For Maharashtra State Government Employees.

You will be well acquainted with the शालार्थ teachers and non teachers salary bill Maharashtra education website because shalarth maharashtra government in login is the only way through which now Maharashtra State government employees’ online shalarth (sevarth) salary bill is generated.

How to create shalarth salary bill online
How to create shalarth salary bill online

There is a unique shalarth id for each employee, which is given only to an employee based on permanent designation.

Shalarth Maharashtra Education Website.

This post has also been written earlier in Marathi language, from where you can know how to make शालार्थ Pagar Bill online. The only objective to make this article first in the local language is the language spoken at the education level in the state of Maharashtra.

Because in addition to the local language, the use of this language has been seen more at the level of education. so as per request After the Marathi language, the information of शालार्थ सिस्टम will now be guide here in English on how to create shalarth salary bill online ?

शालार्थ – शिक्षक वेतन प्रणाली is the name of the Shalarth website. For the sake of online pay, the related website created by the government it cell team was on the ventilator for the last few days, which is going to start now.

Important information about the Shalarth system.

So whatever has been done in the previous period not matter, now everyone has been ordered to change the all the changes during the closure of the site such as new employee attach-detach and employee service end date send to ddo 2 level for approval also complete steps 6PC to 7PC etc.

This is also important because a lot of new changes have been made in salary. Some employees have come from other schools / colleges by transfer, while others have been transferred to different places.

Meanwhile, the remaining employees have also been retired, which is still present in the shalarth login – maha gov, which is necessary to be removed from the login with the help of service end.

All teachers and non-teachers employees should get their salaries billed by the 1st of every month, this is being done through शालार्थ. The Shalarth pay system which has been down since January 2018 has now been regularized.

शालार्थ ऑनलाइन पगार कैसे बनाये?

Many of regular readers of our website have been ask to us for a few days now that should publish a post on this website how to make online pay bill online.

Likewise, our blog post is important, because first step by step post we are publishing this post on how to create an online salary bill.

For a long time, employees of maharashtra government who have been visiting the main offices for day by day will now be relieved of relief as the website is launched.

The Maharashtra Education (School Education Department-ifms) has created a website for all its employees from around the year 2013 namely shalarth, sevarth and ashramshalarth etc.

Since the process is quite complicated, this article has given you information on how to make शालार्थ पगार in shalarth ifms shalarth a step by step and easy way.

If you just want to get information, you will get employees salary information and if you are an office clerk, follow the steps below and make your school Salary Bill without any hassle.

Process To Generate Shalarth Salary Bill Online.

First you have to be careful that because without internet explorer you will not be able to generate salary pay bill. Even though you can login to other browsers and search for other information, but note that you will not be able to generate salary pay bills.

Step 1.

  • First go to the official website of the shalarth maharashtra login jsp.
  • The new window will open as soon as the शालार्थ website opens.
  • Now Fill user name like this (Ex. 04550100035_AST).
  • Fill in the password given to by default ifms123 or use the password which is created by you.
  • Filled the Captcha code.
  • Now Clicking on the Submit Option.

Step 2.

  • As soon as you click on the Submit button, New login in dashboard window will appear.
  • Then Go to Worklist-Payroll-Payroll Generation / View-Generate / Regenerate Pay Bill.
How to create shalarth salary bill first
How to create shalarth salary bill first
  • After clicking on Generate / Regenerate Pay Bill, the following window will appear.
  • After the new window opens, select the month for which you want to generate the salary bill.

Step 3.

  • Select month in drop down which month bill should be generate.
  • Choose a bill number.
How to create shalarth salary bill second
How to create shalarth salary bill second
  • Selecting Paybill in the Bill Type should be noted that you have selected right Pay bill.
  • Click on Generate button.

So in the simplest way, by these steps, your task is finished. Now print one by one get print by giving the print command of the pages which need online print shalarth salary bill.

How to use 6Pc to 7Pc tab.

Before, you will use the 6th pay to 7th pay tab before completing the attach / detach task. The best option is to upgrade as per pay fixation when all the employees arrive at your login.

Step 1.

  • Login using your shalarth login id and password.
  • Enter the name of शालार्थ आयडी or employee as per your choice.
  • Now click on the search option.

Step 2.

  • Enter Grade Pay In GP As Per Original Post Tab. (01.01.2016).
  • Now Enter GP & Pay In Enter 6TH PC (Pay in PB+GP) tab as per fixation of pay 01/01/2016.
how to use 6pc to 7pc in shalarth website
how to use 6pc to 7pc in shalarth website
  • Tick on Regular Employee.
  • Now Basic as per raise factor & 7TH PC Basic automatically calculated by system.

Step 3.

  • Enter Order No & Date Anyone of your choice.
  • If the employee gain promotion or demotion in the higher or lower level click the change level.3
  • Select correct level in level drop down “S-1 to S-31” anyone whose applicable
  • Now Enter “7th Pc Basic” When ever he/she was get level as per date.

From here onward, the salary of any employees will not be given offline, it has become so clear. For the last few months, offline salary bills were being made, which will now have to be submitted by making online bill in the salary path according to the steps given below.

Important tips for online salary.

Please generate salary bill in shalarth login on any web browser other than einternet web explorer. If you do not have an Internet Explorer web browser available

Copy this link and paste it into your web address and press enter. From Maharashtra State Government (education maharashtra gov) updated all salaries online for all state government employees on salary website from 7-8 to 4pm and provided easy access to salary on 1st of every month.

Shalarth Updates – (by site).

In the system, the facility of adding new staff for the schools of management of local self-government has been made available as before. In this regard, the concerned education officer / education chief / administration officer should take necessary action at the site and verify.

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