The Most Popular Way to Get a Domicile Certificate copy Instantly is not known to everyone. 2

The Most Popular Way to Get a Domicile Certificate copy Instantly is not known to everyone.

The most popular way to get a domicile certificate copy instantly is not known to everyone.

Candidates who should make a big fight in the field of education are needed when they are told that they need to submit a domicile certificate number within a day or few days.

domicile certificate residential certificate copy
domicile certificate residential certificate copy

Then this question arises in their mind on How to get Domicile certificate online because time is short. Admission is to be taken for a course, need the submission of this certificate, your attention is attracted towards it at this time.

The meaning of Domicile certificate is a residence certificate. The copy is an appropriate document to prove the residential status of any student or person. A certificate of residence certifies the state of special residence of any person.

This domicile certificate copy is used at places like scholarships, admission to the institute, and place of job. In addition, people now try to obtain domicile certificates for the benefits provided by the state government.

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Eligibility For Domicile Certificate Maharashtra.

No special eligibility criteria are required to fill the domicile certificate application form, just 2 criteria are required to be fulfilled by almost all of them.

However, if the applicant is not found to be complete with the first eligibility in the case of a residential, the application can be canceled.

Who Is Eligible for Domicile Certificates.

  • To create a Domicile certificate online or offline, candidates must first have a residence of 15 years or more in any city or village in the district of that state, according to the points given below.
  • Applicant must be a resident of India.

In this post, we will tell you in detail how much it fees to apply online domicile certificate and how much it fees to apply offline residence certificate, and how it can be made both ways.

What Is Domicile Certificate Meaning In Marathi, Hindi, English.

This is equally important for everyone, whether it is for Maharashtra or for any other state. Everyone wants to build Domicile Certificate Online only to avoid the rush of creating offline certificates.

But can this is online can be applied? After all, how to get domicile certificate urgently? If you can get it, how much time does it take to get this, many such questions will also be in your mind.

What is a domicile certificate means? we have also mentioned the above meaning of domicile or residential certificate. You can call it an original residence certificate.

In Marathi – अधिवास प्रमाणपत्र.
In Hindi – निवास प्रमाणपत्र

This copy is considered to be a very important document for getting any government job and every other reservation quota job.

Not only that, any Govt but It is also very necessary to apply in the specially made resident quota for taking offline or online admission in educational institutions.

Many times students are not able to get their desired job or admissions in their favorite college due to lack of residential certificate.

Importance Of Domicile Certificate.

Its importance is very useful for education. It is necessary for all the candidates who want to take admission for any professional courses. Without this copy, your cap admission will not be considered for admission.

Not only this, for Government Medical Colleges, this certificate is considered a very important document. At that time, no one has so much time to produce a residence certificate quickly.
This certificate is required for education and to avail of Residential Quota in a government job. More in the case of jobs where Residential Candidates are given priority. To see the Domicile Letter Sample, you can watch it if you want.

What are the required Domicile certificate documents?

There is a different process and weblink for each application, so would like to clarify one more thing for your information. If there is a problem, then you can check first the Right process How to make Domicile certificate.

The documents required to get a domicile certificate are included below. There are many documents for proof of your identity and address, but as given below, 1 document is sufficient to make a domicile certificate online offline.

Documents Required for Domicile Certificate.

  • Affidavit (required if there is an offline application).
  • Address proof (any one given below).
  • Domicile certificate fees (60 rupees affidavit with capturing photo).
SNAddress Proof (Any One)
1Aadhar Card.
2Electricity bill.
3Property tax.
4Ration card in which your name is required.
5Rent Agreement.
6Voter ID Card.

Responsible Authority Name.

Keep in mind that both the authorities shown below are for online certificates only. If you want information about the offline authority, then read the information of the points given below.

SNAuthority NameResponsible For
1Assistant Block Development Officer.Online
2Block Development Officer.Online

The most important thing to keep in mind is that every candidate can get your this copy from the same district as the address present in the documents you have given.

Before applying online for Domicile Certificate, follow the correct procedure because it will give you the correct information.Many times we are asked the question, can we make separate residence certificates from two places? So clearly know much more about this it is considered a crime.

If you get the domicile certificate from two places then you can be punished by law according to the Indian constitution. Therefore, do not apply to make an online application for domicile certificate from two different states.

How to get Domicile Certificate Online?

To apply online certificate, you have to go to the official website of the state, after which you will have to look for at least 21 days.

Because the online application deadline has been kept to within 21 days. After a period, the above Responsible Authority has to upload the document copy online, which you can download directly from the Aaple Sarkar portal.

Step 1.

  • Visit the official government portal of your state.
  • Create a new account.
  • Enter a user name when a new account is created by you.
  • Now write the password which would have been created.
  • Log in by clicking on the login button.

Step 2.

  • When logged in, search for Domicile in the search bar.
  • Domicile Certificate Results will appear below.
  • Enter all the required information accurately.
  • Such as personal information, education information and address information etc.
  • Make Online Payment Now
  • It’s just done.

If you want to create an offline copy, then visit any of the nearest e-district offices, where you are headed by Certificate of domicile under the supervision of Sub-Divisional Magistrate / Tehsildar’s office / Revenue Department / District Collector Office, etc.

Domicile Certificate application form pdf download in marathi.

The above process is explained about making online. If you want to do the same process offline then download this form first. This will be useful for Age, Nationality, and Domicile Application Forms.

How to get Age, Nationality, and Domicile Certificate in Maharashtra? How do you track your age, nationality, and domicile certificate verification in Maharashtra?

Do not try to think that because the Residential certificate application form PDF Marathi download link has been provided here.

Important thing.

Although all types of forms are available with them, if they are not received due to any problem, then domicile certificate form download can also be done by internet.

In every state, the state government spends on the government portal for its citizens to apply for domicile certificate online. That is why, find out which web portal is of your state.

If at this time you are unable to find your state web portal, then it is simple to search in google search the Domicile certificate in hindi for Maharashtra (Write your state name instead of Maharashtra). A link to the documents link to the state will be found.

Another important thing is that it is not possible to download Domicile Certificate online without the online process, it will be applicable only for the application filled on the Internet. If your application has been done offline, get the physical copy from where the application is done.

How to apply for Domicile certificate

Go to Nearest Tahsil Office or Apply online @ State government Official Web Portal Via Common Service Centers or Aaple Sarkar Center.

Where is Domicile certificate number Written In Maharashtra?

The residence certificate number is printed in the upper corner of the document on the right side of each certificate.

How much time does it take to get domicile certificate online?

After the implementation of this document, it may take about 10-21 working days. With this, an acknowledgment receipt is received, in which the certificate is provided within the exact period.

If the document is not found in the meantime, then every applicant with whom this has happened must visit his nearest tehsil office or revenue office for personal inquiry.

We hope that you have got information about applying Domicile Certificate online using the government portal. For help related to any type of professional course, subscribe to the blog and share this post on social media so that it can be availed by the required candidates.


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