How to Apply For Income Certificate Online, Offline, Maharashtra. 1

How to Apply For Income Certificate Online, Offline, Maharashtra.

Maharashtra income certificate is an important document which proves the annual family income of a applicant, person. There is often a time when document work is done. At the beginning of the end of the year, if you think, “How can I get the income certificate?” So this problem will get relief.

income certificate online offline application form
income certificate online offline application form

The State Government Of Maharashtra Revenue Department It issues income certificate a few days after applying to the individual applicants who are residents in this State, to take advantage of all the subsidies required from the govt.

In this article, we look at the Requirements, Uses, Documents, Procedure for obtaining an Income Certificate in Maharashtra.

What Is Eligibility Criteria For Income Certificate?

In view of the increasing population in our country, it is very difficult to identify who will be the right beneficiary and what kind of benefit he is eligible for? Because the country whose population is in billions, there are certain criteria.

The right to issue this document is given to some people. Apart from this, first the village tehsildar has to issue a certificate in the form of a raw document, from which source and how much applicant’s income is shown.

After this, this work is given to the above officer, in which the officer appointed is also Tehsildar / District Magistrate / Collector or other district authority.

For more information, most of the income certificates are also known as EWS certificates, which are valid only for ‘Economically Weaker Section to get 10% reservation in school/colleges Admission.

Any individual person is eligible who is resident of state from Maharashtra. No Special Requirement applicable for this documents.

But important, without submission required documents below applicants do not eligible to apply for a Maharashtra income certificate.

Uses of Income Certificate Importance.

The main objective of any government is the priority of the citizens of our state/country. The basic objective is to manage all the citizens and to advance them all.

Given this, the state and central government have been working together now. Now both the governments are working on various schemes by themselves. Work has been started on these schemes with fastly which every citizen can benefit from.

Many types of medical benefits such as free treatment in government hospitals, get free medicines, very lowest price, to give financial assistance to mothers, who give birth to girls in government hospitals.

It is used to provide relief from loss due to various natural disasters.

To get government pension, widow benefits and many types of government benefits.

The copy is many useful documents for different purposes like obtaining benefits in scholarships, get admissions in professional courses, schools, colleges, etc.

Not only this, to get loans for education purposes, to acquire various other certificates like Aadhar card, domicile certificate, ration card, caste certificate as well as to save your income from income tax It is also used for.

Format Of Income Certificate.

Be it the Central or State Government, on presenting the right valid proof for the benefit of the citizens for their area, they issue different types of necessary certificates.

A certificate of income copy is given to get similar benefits. FORMAT OF APPLICATION FOR INCOME CERTIFICATE Format PDF.

Although the format of income certificate is different for all states, but for example, see the points given below which are often seen in the document.

Income Certificate Format.

This is to certify that Mr. / Miss / Mrs. Applicant Name, S/o / D/o Applicants Parents Name, resident of Village/District/State/ Name, Father / guardian of Name his /her annual income from all sources is Rs. Amount only.

Apart from this, the points that are written in the income certificate document are given below.

  • Income Certificate Number,
  • Issued Date & Out word number,
  • Place & Date,
  • Bar code,
  • Authority Stamp & Signature etc.

Next, let’s see what is requirement to make a income certificate? What is eligibility mandatory for this documents?

Documents Required For Income Certificate In Maharashtra.

The following documents are to be attached at the time of submitting the application form online.

Mandatory Documents.

  • Photograph: Fix Applicant passport size photograph.
  • Self Declaration Form – Affidavit.
  • Application Fees & Court Fee Stamp – 75+5/-

By the way, for this copy, the Mandatory documents are given above, but any 1 document can be submitted from the below given documents for age, income, identity and address proof.

SNProof of Identity (Any -1)
1Aadhaar Card
2Driving License
3Identity card issued by Govt or Semi Govt organisations
4MNREGA Job Card
5PAN Card
7Photo of Applicant
8RSBY Card
9Voter ID Card
SNProof of Address (Any -1)
1Aadhaar Card
2Driving License
3Electricity Bill
4Extracts of 7/12 and 8 A/ Rent Receipt
6Property Tax Receipt
7Ration Card
8Telephone Bill
9Voter ID Card
10Water Bill
SNAge Proof (In Case of Minor) (Any -1)
1Birth Certificate
2Bonafide Certificate
3Extract from primary school entry
4School Leaving Certificate
5SFC Certificate
SNProof of Income (Any -1)
1Circle Officer Verification report
2If applicant is owner of the land then 7/12 to yield 8-A Talathi report
3If Received Salary Provide Form no 16
4Income tax statement letter
5Retirement/Salary holders Bank Certificate

In the opposite case, the department can ask the applicant to submit more documents which are not included in the above list.

How To Get Income Certificate.

Having an Income Certificate is important for every person. We are telling you the process of creating Online form So know that how to make Online Income Certificate online as well as offline.

Now possible to apply income certificate online Maharashtra @ official government portal. First download below file and carefully read what should you filled in this form

Income certificate form in Marathi Download Link.

Online Application Procedure.

Every applicant will have to choose the right procedure on the online portal. It is necessary to follow some steps, after which Maharashtra Income Certificate can be obtained online.

Step 1:  Visit Aaple Sarkar Web Portal.

Go to Maharashtra Government Website

Step 2:  Create New Account.

After Redirecting Apple Sarkar Portal Click on “New User” For create new account, Which is visible on the home page at the Maharashtra state government web portal.

income certificate online application registration
income certificate online application registration

Step 3: Select Option.

After creating new account, login to using your credentials. Now Select “Income Certificate” option from the revenue department.

Step 4: Choose Applicant Type.

Now select the type of applicant and submit clarification by ticking your own declaration form.

Step 5:  Select Applicant Type & Upload Documents.

Now select the type of applicant, fill the complete form and submit the required document by ticking your own declaration form &7 Other documents.

Step 6: Submit The Application Form.

Finally click on “Submit” button for successful application process.

If your mind set one thing how to get income certificate from tahsildar using offline application then following below points.

Income Certificate Offline Form Procedure.

Like you know in the above information how to apply Income Certificate Online. If you want to get income certificate within 21 days, then you can also apply offline. Let’s know how to apply Income Certificate Application Form Offline.

  1. Visit the nearby tehsil or Maha Setu center.
  2. Make Declaration / Affidavit On Bond paper.
  3. Submit Application Fess @ eseva cash counter.
  4. Fill the application form and submit it to the tehsil office or eseva center.
  5. After submission of application form you can get Income Certificate Acknowledge Slip.
  6. Get the copy on the date given on the Acknowledge Slip.

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Thanks you for sharing, reading complete guide How To Make Income Certificate Online offline for details information.

Track Income Certificate Status Online.

After submitting the online application form at mahaonline aaple sarkar portal, you will be provided with an unique acknowledgment number form system to track your application status.

Maharashtra state online application form status can be checked online by applicant using the official web portal

Step 1: Login using your user name and password.

After successful login applicant clan Click on for current status ” Track Your Application” 

Step 2 : Enter Application ID.

Check your Acknowledge print, enter your application number for track applicant current status.

Step 3 : Final Step.

Hit to ‘Go‘ option. after the button hit the status of the application saved will be displayed.

However, there are many benefits of online application on the Maharashtra Government website, which are given below.

  • Quick Service.
  • Service At Doorstep.
  • Easy Access.
  • Easy Payment.
  • User Friendly.
  • Save Time.

The online copy will be issued by the concerned authority within 21 days from the date of application. The applicant can obtain there copy within period. The validity of Income Certificate is up to 31 march of financial year from the date of issue.

Frequently Asked Questions Raised On Income Certificate.

Where should this document be used? In important information, we would like to tell that the copy can be used to take advantage of those schemes where the eligibility of an individual or their family will be calculate on annual income.

When the benefit of a scheme has to be given to the beneficiary and the criteria given above have to be measured, then it becomes necessary to use it. Now let us see the frequently asked questions by the applicants.

  • What is income certificate number Maharashtra?

This is a type of out word number issued by the respective department. If the barcode number does not work, then this number is used to authenticate the document.

  • How To Verify This Copy?

Visit First www mahaonline gov in and verify your certificate After Enter Number.

  • What is income proof certificate?

This is the details of the income earned for a type of financial year, which is for the whole family or any individual.

  • How to get income certificate online print out?

It is quite easy, first log in as per the above procedure and download the document copy from the download tab.

How many days does it take to get income certificate online application?

You can print out the income certificate copy within 21 days after applying any document online on the aple sarkar government portal.


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