What Is Process Maindatory For Apply MahaDBT Scholarship Application Form Renewal. 2

What Is Process Maindatory For Apply MahaDBT Scholarship Application Form Renewal.

The process of filling the MahaDBT Scholarship Form continues every year for the students who get regular admissions in the professional institutions but along with it. Also it is necessary to complete their previous year/semester or atkt.

Mahadbt scholarship form renewal process
Mahadbt scholarship form renewal process

After further the mahadbt form of the candidates who have advanced in the second year or next semester can mandatory to applied Maharashtra scholarship application form of renewal MahaDBT.

After doing mahadbt maharashtra gov in scholarship new registration, all the applicants complete their Maha DBT profile, in which have different types of options.

Prior to this, we have also written an article on the complete information about the profile details. If you have not seen yet, it must be seen because its plays an important role in the MahaDBT scholarship form renewal.

Is it necessary to renew MahaDBT scholarship form?

Yes, now it is necessary to renew the Maharashtra scholarship form in order to take benefit in the second year.

In order to Renewal of MahaDBT Form nothing much is asked at an option, where it is necessary to do it ‘yes’. But it is most of the cases, it has been seen that applicants have difficulty in doing this process.

They say that they are not getting any option of Mahadbt application form renewal nor can they see it. Why is this so, for this you should first read the article given below carefully.

Applicants can renew the mahadbt scholarship form for this year only after login to mahadbt mahait gov in. If you filled this form fresh last year, now is the time to do the renovation.

How Do I Renew My Mhdbt Scholarship Form Online?

Here, I would like to suggest the applicant to make some changes in his scholarship profile because only after that any applicant can renew mahadbt scholarship application form.

Must add Current Course.

  • Applicant can use log in first.
  • Change your profile details after logging in.
  • Such as current course and paste qualification etc.
  • Add the current course for which there will be admission for this course,
  • Add it and change it from the previous course Pursuing to Completed.
  • Apart from this, do not forget the changes that are made like marks, passing year etc.

Past Qualification Details Changes.

  • Applicant has to click on paste qualification.
  • Now add one by one to all the courses from SSC to last year because that is true.
  • Save the information after adding it.

Change Hostel Details if there is change.

It is not mandatory to add hostel details in renewal of mahadbt form, but still the candidates whose hostel has changed for this year can change it.

  • Tap on Hostel Details
  • Delete previous hostel details carefully.
  • Now again add the hostel details where admission will be taken.
  • Save the information.

Final Process Of MahaDBT Scholarship Form Renewal.

The above process is only for making the latest changes, so now is the time to move towards the final process, you will have to either apply for the new scheme or continue to apply the previous year’s application for renewal.

The Scheme will have to be chosen.

  • Tap on All Schemes option.
  • Choose the right department that is made for profit.
  • Choose the scheme for which to apply.
  • Or click on My Applied Scheme.
  • Select a plan for yourself.

Select application Status As a renewal.

  • “Is This a Renewal Application” Here is to tick on Yes.
  • Enter the previous year’s application ID.
  • Do you avail any scholarship / stipend? Select “NO” in it.
  • Your number of beneficiary in a family How many number of applicants (siblings) avail benefits in this year? Choose this number to fill the scholarship form.
  • Upload undertaking form that same year not more beneficiary in a family. Upload its family declaration format.
  • Is taking benefit of TFWS? (Tuition fee waiver scheme) This is also select “NO” choice.
  • Finally click on Save and proceed.

Upload documents for Renew Mahadbt Scholarship Form.

  • Upload the mark-sheet of the previous year/semester.
  • Leaving Certificate / TC needs to be uploaded.
  • Click on Forward to confirm the application finally.
How to find the APPLICATION ID to renew the application form.

Before you complete the above process, copy or keep your application id or note it somewhere.

Choose the year for application ID.

  • Click on My Applied Scheme History.
  • Select whatever will be the previous year in Select Academic Year.

As soon as you click on search, another tab will open in front of you, in which 4 more new tabs will be seen.


Copy / note the application ID.

  • Have to click on Approved Applications.
  • You have to write the Application ID as shown in the image.

So this is the only way to find your previous year’s scholarship application id.

Just copy it or write it somewhere and when you renew the mahadbt scholarship form, it will be easy to write there.

About Information Of MahaDBT scholarship application form renewal.

Now, the more the applicant feels through the practical video, the more he will not be understand through the article.

That is why, to help you, we have uploaded a detail video on how to renew mahadbtmahait.org.in scholarship application form on our youtube channel as well.

Watch Mahadbt Portal Application Renewal Process Demo and New Updates about last application On This Channel.

Share this post to the fullest, to your loved ones, friends family and the necessary applicants so that they can also know how to get the Maharashtra Scholarship Form renovation updates.

What is your opinion that you want to share with us, which is necessary, please tell us for Mahadbt scholarship form renewal process. Welcome your suggestions and comments.


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  1. Can we apply for different scholarship Scheme (changing the scheme) in 2nd year?
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  2. If i forgot to choose scheam while renewing the form then it will remain the same as that of last year scheam?or it is compulsory to choose scheam every year??

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