Mahadbt Scholarship Form Complete Details

Mahadbt Scholarship Form 2023 Complete Details ! Mahadbt Mahait Registration Portal, Login, OTP, Dates.

The same headache of the mahadbt scholarship portal again. How long will it last? Whatever, but it is also necessary to bring transparency in student scholarship benefits maha dbt. But if you read this post carefully then you will get rid of this headache completely. Tell us which problem you are facing while filling mahadbt scholarship form.

Mahadbt Scholarship Form Complete Details
Mahadbt Scholarship Form Complete Details.

We have gathered the problems of all mahadbtmahait scholarships and have tried to solve them in this article.

We hope that the answer to all your questions will prove to be a correct answer for you here. If you find some questions related to the mhdbt scholarship form, then comment in the comment box below. Scholarship Schemes Department wise.

What are those departments that have been disbursing different scholarships on the Maharashtra scholarship? Each department offers different scholarships? Find answers to these questions in the table below which you are eligible for.

In the scholarship scheme, there are 10 departments of the Government of Maharashtra, in which 43 different types of scholarships are provided for students as scholarships.

Some of the famous departments, which have the highest application fee, include Directorate of Technical Education, Higher Education Directorate, Department of Social Justice, Special Assistance Department, and tribal development department.

The last date for applying for these scholarship for the academic year 2023-23 has been extended Now. All applicants are advised that they should check the Mahadbt portal at the time or bookmark this page now so that they can not miss any updates.

Sr.No.Department NamesScheme Names
1Social Justice and Special Assistance Department1. Government of India Post-Matric Scholarship
2. Post-Matric Tuition Fee and Examination Fee (Freeship)
3. Maintenance Allowance for student Studying in professional courses
4. Rajarshri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Merit Scholarship
5. Post-Matric Scholarship for persons with disability
2Tribal Development Department1. Post Matric Scholarship Scheme (Government Of India )
2. Tuition Fee &  Exam Fee for Tribal Students ( Freeship)
3. Vocational Education Fee Reimbursement
4. Vocational Education Maintenance Allowance
3Directorate of Higher Education1. Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Shikshan Shulkh Shishyavrutti Scheme
2. Assistance to Meritorious Students scholarship – Junior Level
3. Education Concession to the Children of Ex-Servicemen
4. Eklavya Scholarship
5. State Government Open Merit Scholarship
Scholarship to Meritorious students possessing Mathematics /Physics
6. Government Vidyaniketan Scholarship
7. State Government Daxshina Adhichatra Scholarship
8. Government Research Adhichatra
9. Education Concession to the Children Freedom Fighter
10 Jawaharlal Nehru University Scholarship
11 Assistance to Meritorious Students scholarship – Senior Level
12 Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh Vasatigruh Nirvah Bhatta Yojna (DHE)
4Directorate of Technical Education1. Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Shikshan Shulkh Shishyavrutti Yojna(EBC)
2. Dr Panjabrao Deshmukh Vastigruh Nirvah Bhatta Yojna(DTE)
5School Education and Sports Department1. Open Merit Scholarships in Junior College
2. Merit Scholarships for Economically Backward Class Students
6VJNT,OBC and SBC Welfare Department1. Post Matric Scholarship to VJNT Students
2. Tuition Fees and Examination Fees to VJNT Students
3. Payment of Maintenance Allowance to VJNT and SBC Students Studying in Professional Courses and Living in Hostel Attached to Professional Colleges
4. Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Merit Scholarship for students studying in 11th & 12th standard of VJNT & SBC category
5. Post Matric Scholarship to OBC Students
6. Post Matric Scholarship to SBC Students
7. Tuition Fees and Examination Fees to OBC Students
8. Tuition Fees and Examination Fees to SBC Students
7Directorate of Medical Education and Research1.Rajarshri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Fee Reimbursement Scheme
2. Dr Panjabrao Deshmukh Hostel Maintenance Allowance
8Minority Development Department1. State Minority Scholarship Part II (DHE)
2. Scholarship for students of minority communities pursuing Higher and Professional courses(DTE)
3. Scholarship for students of minority communities pursuing Higher and Professional courses(DMER)
9Maharashtra Council of Agriculture Education and Research (MCAER)1. Maharashtra Council of Agriculture Education and Research (MCAER)
2. Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Shikshan Shulkh Shishyavrutti Yojna(EBC)
3.Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Vasatigruh Nirvah Bhatta Yojna (AGR)
10Directorate of Art1. Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Shikshan Shulkh Shishyavrutti Yojna(EBC)
2. Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Vasatigruh Nirvah Bhatta Yojna (DOA)

Mahadbt Scholarship Form 2023-23 FaQs.

  • What can we do to know aadhaar to bank linking status?

To know the aadhar to bank linking status, dial * 99 * 99 # from your mobile.

  • How Long Is The OTP Valid For Mahadbt Scholarship Form Registration 2023.

One time Password (OTP) valid for 30 minutes during registration to fill Mahadbtmahait Scholarship Form 2023-2024.

  • Can We Change Register Mobile Number For Scholarship?

For any online update request, including updating of mobile number, resident should already have an active number registered with UIDAI where person can receive OTP SMS and authenticate himself/herself. Otherwise you would need to visit nearest UIDAI permanent enrollment center.

  • Have multiple bank accounts, where will i receive the mahadbt mahait scholarship benefits.

Give your copy of Aadhaar letter with your bank account number written on it or copy of your bank passbook to the bank where you want to receive the funds. The bank may require you to fill a form as well.

Updating your mobile number in bank is also advisable. This will send out SMS alerts when you get DBT in account or you transact on your account. Please note that the bank account which has been seeded last with the Aadhaar number will be the one to receive money through DBT.

  • What is the difference between normal bank account with aadhar linked bank account?

It is envisaged that disbursement of social security benefits like pensions, scholarships, MGNREGS wages etc.

would be through Aadhaar enabled bank account. UIDAI is actively working with states/central ministries to designate Aadhaar enabled accounts for disbursal of all social security benefits.

The individual would be able to access his/her AADHAAR enabled bank account through a low cost inter operable micro-ATM network which will have large geographical reach. Instant payments through bio metric authentication and mobile payments will also be enabled in the future for such accounts.

  • I have accounts with more than 1 bank and I have linked all bank accounts to my Aadhaar card. Which account can I use for making digital payments using Aadhaar card Number?

You can use all accounts. While making Aadhaar Based payment, you will be given an option to choose the bank name from which you want to pay. Thus you have the choice of deciding bank, each time you make payment.

  • How to check my eligibility for the mahadbt maharashtra gov in scheme?

The basic objective of the Check eligibility criteria is to fetch relevant scholarship schemes that are applicable to the Applicant on the basis of the input provided by the applicant for eligibility Check.

  • What are the different file formats which can be accepted on mahadbt scholarship portal?

You Can Use JPG and PNG Format for uploading required mahadbt scholarship documents on mahadbt mahait gov in portal.

  • What is the Maximum File Size for uploading required mahadbitmahit scholarship documents?

The maximum file size a user can upload is up to 250 KB.

  • Can i save the application form in draft mode?

Yes, every Applicant can able to save the mahadbt application form in draft mode.

How to edit mahadbt scholarship form online 2023-24.

Yes, If the Institute sends back the application to student for modification in that case applicant can modify some specific fields. for more information how to edit scholarship form after submission mahadbt see detail procedure here.

  • How to check the status of the application after submission?

Login to the MahaDBT Portal, under the Application Tracking menu, the applicant can see the status of their application by entering the valid Application ID.

  • How would I know that direct benefit transfer funds have come to my account?

We recommend that you update your mobile number in bank. The Bank will send out SMS alerts when you get DBT in account or you transact on your account.

Alternatively, you can also check your account balance using Internet Banking, ATM, microATM/ Banking Correspondent or calling the bank for details of your transactions.

  • What should i do If missing my School, College, Institute Name/Course Name from College Name & Course Name field Dropdown?

Select the check box which is displayed at the bottom and add College Name & Course Name, University Name manually.

Also check the details if create this condition, what should i do if your college name not found in mahadbt scholarship portal.

  • If your 10th & 12th board not shown in School Secondary Certificate (SSC) & Higher Secondary School (HSC) Details Dropdown list?

1. Select the Other board from the SSC/HSC details section.

2. Fill all mandatory fields in SSC/HSC details section manually. (i.e. Board Name, Seat No., Name on SSC Certificate, the Total Marks, Marks Obtained).

  • Mahadbt scholarship form What kind of helpline number should we contact to get the solution?

For all types of mahadbt mahait scholarship problems, 022-49150800 can contact this mahadbt toll free number.

What is mahadbt scholarship last date?

So far no mahadbt last date has been declared for the Maharashtra scholarship. But the expected final date can be pronounced declared on Maha DBT Portal. It will be necessary to apply to the eligible candidate before leaving the mahadbt scholarship form last date.

Hopefully, during the mahadbt new registration and after the mahadbt login you would have liked the solution to all the problems coming to the online scholarship portal. To get all kinds of Maharashtra scholarship form details first, subscribe to our latest notification and website. Finally do not forget to share this post on social media.


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