Muslim OBC Caste List In India

Muslim OBC Caste list in India ! Minority OBC List In India.

Today, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has released the Muslim OBC cast list keeping in mind the cast census. And in this list, the old list has been updated. You can easily see it on government website as per below.

Muslim OBC Caste List In India

In this list, there is a list of Muslim castes who come under the OBC section. In Muslim society, the castes of Muslims belong to different types of classes and due to which they also get a lot of benefits in the reservation.

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Why Muslim OBC Cast List Has Been Released?

A special purpose of releasing the Muslim OBC cast list is that at present elections are coming in some big states of the country, due to which different types of political parties want to save the main issue of reservation.

 And because of this, those political parties, who are divided into different types of castes in today’s Muslim society living in India, to include them on their side, or by providing them some kind of benefit in the reservation or by making a bluff.

This OBC cast list comes in handy in doing it on your side.

As we know that like Hindu society, Muslim society is also divided into hundreds of types of castes and if those castes are included on the ground, then a very large population can be included in OBC. And today’s political parties are taking advantage of this.

Whose Name is the Muslim OBC Cast List?

There is no such thing as OBC in Muslim society, but there are many hundreds of such classes which are divided into castes in today’s Muslim society and if those castes are threaded in one thread, then the way in Hindu society or else OBC list can be verified in any other society, similarly in Muslim society also a very large section can be included in OBC list.

In Muslim society, many castes that are included in the list of OBC have been talked about on the basis of their places and the names of their castes are as follows-

Muslim OBC Caste List In India:

  1. Katika, Noorbash, Mehtar, Turk, Alvi, Quresh, Laddaf, Pinjaari in Andhra Pradesh.
  2. Maimal, Pangal, Jolha, Maria, Dhunia, Ansari, Shikh in Assam.
  3. Absal, Kasab, Kalandar, Omar, Gaddi, Chik, Mansuri, Nalband, Nat(Muslim), Mehtar, Mukri, Abbasi And Many More in Bihar.
  4. Abbasi, Bhat, Kalandar, Nat, Chappi, Gurjar, Kasai, Lakhera, Manihar/Maniyar,Mochi, Memar, Marsi in Dadar And Nagar Haveli.
  5. Bafan, Galiaara, Defer, Jaat Anari, Hingora, Matwa, Miana, Pinjaara, Hajjam, Bagban, Chippa in Gujarat.
  6. Bhat, Changer, Dhobi,  Kanjar, Kamboj Lohar, Lakehra, Madari, Mocha, Pinjaara, Singlikaant, Teli in Haryaana
  7. Changer, Faqir, Hajjam, Kumhar, Madaar, Marsi, Naalband, Kunjar, Julhana in Himachal Pradesh.
  8. Mappala/Mopila/Mopla Muslims in Kerala.
  9. Rangrej, Bisti, Chippa, Hela, Bhatiyara, Mewati, Pinjara, Fakir,  Manihar, Kasai, Kasab, Barhaal, Ansari, in Madhya Pradesh.
  10. Chengar, Kanjar, Kumhar, Maboh, Sayed,  Hajam, Lohar, Saifi, Turkmn, Nilband, Teli, in Punjab.
  11. Badhai, Jangid, Khati, Banjara, Bhadbhuja, Chippa, Davir, Gadaria, Ghanchi, Gujar, Julhana, Ghosi, Hela, Ghundara, Manihar, Bagbaan, Naai, Mocha, Dhobi, Kundera in Rajasthan.
  12. Patani, Sheick, Dedukula, Labbai, Mapila,  in Tamilnadu.
  13. Mallah, Kumhar, Nomadic, Chikwa, Chippi, Banjara, Teli, Bharbhuja, Bagban, Manihar, Rangrej, Saifi, Hajjam, in Uttar Pradesh.
  14. Jolah, Faker, Kasai, Rayeen, Shershabadia,Nashya, Kunjra, Pahadia, Hajjam, Choduli, Nakari, Mahaldar, Dukre, Basin, Abdal, Kaan, Tutia, Gayen, Beldar, Totta, Khota, Laskar, Maal, Majhi, Muchi, Naharia, Biswas, Molla, Piyada, Hoseni, Dalaal, Pahar, Raptan, Baradi, Penchi, Sardar in West Bengal.

These are many cast that lies in OBC category of Muslims, you Can know more from press release for List of Muslim Other Backward Classes communities in India.

Some of them sounds like hindu cast, even they are hindu cast, but there are also muslim in same name of the cast. 

What will be the benefit for the people who come on the Muslim OBC cast list?

People coming in the Muslim OBC cast list will get two types of benefits-

  1. External Social Benefits
  2. Internal Social Benefits

External social benefits include all those benefits which are given by any government to its citizens on the reservation benefits or those benefits which are given to the Economic Weaker Section, which includes a large number of OBCs. And all those benefits are known as external social benefits.

The intrinsic social benefit includes all the benefits that the Muslim community gives to the people within itself, that is, the Sunni in the Muslim society is also divided into different classes and whoever comes under the Sunni section of the Muslim society.

Those people are eligible for many special benefits which are not Shia society.

People belonging to the Shia section of Muslim society are eligible for those special benefits which are not people of Ahmadi, Hazara, Sunni, Ahlehdis society.

 Similarly, when people belonging to different types of sub-classes join any class, they get the benefit of that class and it is very much in Muslim society.

Is Muslim Caste Being Censused?

No confirmation has been made about this, but if cast censorship is done all over India, then the chances of getting Muslim cast censored will be very high.

At present, there are some states like Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand, Haryana, Bihar, Rajasthan who want to conduct caste census for the citizens living in their state, and for this, they have also given a writing petition to the honable Prime Minister of India but No any reply has come till now.

On this, the Chief Minister of Bihar state Nitish Kumar had given this statement a few days ago that due to no statement from the Prime Minister, he can get the caste census done in Bihar.

This is the reason that caste census will be conducted for Muslim society also and the rumors being spread will be stopped.

And in the meantime, due to the update of Muslim OBC Cast List 2023, these questions get more weight, because these questions seem to be quite right on this issue.

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