What Is Creamy Layer & Non Creamy Layer Certificate How To Apply. 1

What Is Creamy Layer & Non Creamy Layer Certificate How To Apply.

What is the importance of Creamy layer and Non Creamy Layer Certificate to a applicant? This document is also called “NCL” in the shortcut. It is not only useful for admission, but is also considered a very important document for the applicants who apply for the scholarships, reservation etc.

The Non creamy layer certificate is not required for all the students but for the candidates who have to take admission in an institution or college in the reservation quota or to get the Scholarship Benefit after admission, then for VJ/NT/DT/OBC/SBC Mandatory happens.

Not only this, even if you have to take advantage of the reservation quota at the place of Election, Job etc, you still need the NCL certificate.

Now you must have understood that in which work VJNT/DT/SBC/OBC NCL Certificate is mostly used. Now let’s see what this means Creamy layer and non creamy layer? If you want more information in hindi नॉन क्रीमी लेयर सर्टिफिकेट कैसे अप्लाई करे then this hindi article suitable for you.

What Is Creamy Layer?

Creamy Layer and Non Creamy-Layer This is a similar term used in the Indian tradition to refer to relatively forward and better educated members of the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) who are not eligible for government-sponsored educational & professional benefit programs.

The term was introduced by the Sattanathan Commission in 1971, which directed that “Creamy Layer” should be excluded from reservation (reserved quota). Since then, this has been going on till today.

The OBC category is divided into two categories, first is the OBC Creamy Layer and the second OBC Non Creamy Layer.

Meaning if the parents of an applicant are working on an any government job, who are falling in class 1 and class 2, or if their one year income (annual income) is more than Rs 8 lakh, then in this category Arrives

What Is Non Creamy Layer?

Contrary to the above criteria, if the applicant who is applying does not have his parents on a government job in Group A and Group B posts like Governor, President, Vice President, IPS, IAS, Professor etc and the annual salary income of the applicant’s parents is also Rupees If less than 8 lakhs, then it is counted in non cl reservation.

In this way, you must have understood what is the difference between creamy layer and non creamy layer. To understand this difference, this process has been decided by the Government of India and it is produced by the lower officer of the State Government.

This makes a clear sense that Non Creamy Layer means that you fall into a backward class reserve category which should give the benefit of services which are not available to the cl.

If you still doubt that Do I Belong To Creamy Layer Or Non-Creamy Layer? Read the above point again.

OBC Non Creamy Layer Income Limit Criteria.

Other Backward Class Non Creamy Layer Certificate Criteria is that if any applicant has to measure in reserved level, then their annual income must be less than 8 lakhs. If the limit is more than Rs 8 lakh, then it will be seen in the cl and they will not be given the benefit of reservation post or other benefits.

The non-creamy layer income limit has been revised more than three times before. From 1971 to the year 2004, there was a limit of Rs 1 lakh which was increased to 2.5 lakh in 2004.

Later, the income limit was increased from 2.5 lakh in 2008 to Rs 4.5 lakh and now recently the Non Creamy Layer Certificate Limit 4.5 lakh has been increased to Rs 8 lakh from the year 2017.

Please don’t forget that applicant salary or your spouse is not considered for layering. So let’s see what documents are needed to apply it.

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What are the documents required for non creamy layer certificate?

To apply NCL Certificate, first of all, every applicant will have to keep the basic preparation. The most complete documents given will have to be collected. Once all the necessary documents are received, then apply.

SN.Identity ProofAddress ProofOther ProofsMandatory Documents
 (Any -1 Of Below) (Any -1 Of Below)(Any -1 Of Below)(All Mandatory)
11) PAN Card1) Passport 1) Property tax receipt1) Income proof
22) Passport2) Water Bill2) Proof of caste of a relative2) Affidavit for caste
33) RSBY Card3) Ration Card3) If proof of father’s caste not available, a relative’s caste certificate and genealogical affidavit with details of relation to relative3) Proof of caste for self
44) Water Bill4) Aadhaar Card4) If applicant migrated from other state/ district, then caste certificate of applicant’s father issued by competent authority in that state/district
55) Aadhaar Card5) Voter ID Card5) If married women, aProof of caste before marriage, as prescribed in point no 3 bProof of marriage–marriage registration certificate and name change notification in gazette
66) Voter ID Card6) Telephone Bill6) If applicant is Muslim (either of the following document may be submitted) aA Investigation report of Tahsildar if his/her father’s caste certificate is not available bCaste certificate issued by registered Muslim Societies
77) MNREGA Job Card7) Driving LicenseMandatory Documents(All Mandatory)
88) Driving License8) Electricity Bill1) Income proof
99) Photo of Applicant9) Property Tax Receipt2) Affidavit for caste
1010) Property Tax Receipt10) Extracts of 7/12 and 8 A/ Rent Receipt
1111) Identity card issued by Govt or Semi Govt organisations

All these documents are required to make NCL certificate. Now let’s see how it will be made according to the offline online method.

How To Apply Non Creamy Layer Certificate Online.

Yes, Absolutely right, The application for the NCL certificate can be done by the offline and online both ways.

Not all states work for online applications. There are only a few selected states which are committed to apply NCL Online.

Step 1.

  • Visit the government portal of your state
  • Create a new account
  • Login once using login credentials,

Step 2.

  • In the list, select NCL Certificate,
  • Now select the name of the certificate from the list,
  • In the next step, click on Apply,

Step 3.

  • Enter the required information such as the name, address, caste of the applicant
  • Upload all the necessary documents given above
  • Pay the certificate fee,
  • Submit the application by pressing the End Submit button.

After applying online in this way, do not forget to print the application form Acknowledgement.

How to apply NCL certificate offline?

Above you seen how to apply online, let’s see how to do Offline Non Creamy Layer Certificate Application Form at nearest office.

Step 1.

  • The first is to visit the Maha E-Seva Center / Tahsildar Office near you,
  • Get an Offline Non Creamy Layer Application Form,

Step 2.

  • Fill the application form carefully with complete paragraphs,
  • Paste a recent photo on the given part,
  • Attach Affidavit bond what is given by district office.
  • Add all the necessary documents given above,
  • Pay advance NCL certificate fee at cash counter.

In this way, after filling the offline application, paying the fee, where you have submitted the form, one Acknowledgment Receipt will be given by the counter where you have submit application form.

After application submission check carefully which the date will be printed on it to get certificate manually. Applicants can get your NCL by visiting again at the time given on that date.

FaQs OBC non-creamy Layer Vs Creamy Layer Topic .

In this way, there is a time limit of 21 days for applying non creamy layer certificate online. When 21 days will be spent, you can log in and download the certificate.

Many searches and questions can be seen on Google about this document, which have been tried to answer here shortly.

  • Is OBC certificate and non creamy layer certificate same?

No, there is a difference between the two, the first is called a caste certificate and the second certificate is called NCL.

  • What is the validity of OBC certificate NCL?

The Validity of OBC non creamy layer certificate is mentioned on this certificate end. If not mentioned in this, than from date of issue to further next 3 years (Up to 31 March end) it will be valid. The validity period for the ncl certificate is 03 Years if you made it up to District Magistrate level.

  • Who are eligible for non creamy layer certificate?

Know details Citizens who are eligible to apply NCL OBC certificate.

  1. Certain categories that come under OBC/SBC/VJNT.
  2. Parents employed Above Group 3 services like clerk, peon, attendant and class 4 etc.
  3. Father/Mother working above Class 3 and 4 of the Central , State Government.
  4. Parents’ whose income below 8 lakhs, they are eligible to apply for NCL certificate.
  • Where is non creamy layer certificate number written?

This document is issued by the Revenue Department of the State Government of India.

On some certificates, it is given as an outgoing number and some documents are also written through bar code.

Please go to the top right to see this number or see after the ncl certificate is over.

  • When is the certificate issued after NCL application?

The Non creamy-layer certificate is issued to the applicant within 15-31 days after applying this certificate.

We have seen in detail the video about it on youtube which is made by our senior author. For more information, watch the video and subscribe to the channel as well.

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