How To Renew Pharmacist Licence Online Step By Step. 2

How To Renew Pharmacist Licence Online Step By Step.

Since when were you in search of this article? I think most of days m i right? Thats ok then see the process How to renew your Pharmacist Licence Online? How do possible Pharmacist Registration Renewal Online?

pharmacist registration renewal process in india
pharmacist registration renewal process in india

Under the Pharmacy Act-1948, now all registered pharmacists in Maharashtra state pharmacy council are required to renewal of the pharmacist certificate created for themselves as per the rules made by the MSPC.

Pharmacists measure and sell prescription drugs. If you want to do your own job as a pharmacist in the state of Maharashtra, then you must first have a drug license in fresh in the state of Maharashtra where you can practice with complete independence.

Pharmacy licenses are only valid for ten, twenty or thirty years, but earlier it was generally valid only for two or three years, which was quite rude and then applicants forgot to renew it within period. But now every pharmacist can renew their pharmacy license online in few easy steps.

Everyone will now have to renew their license after their new mspc registration. To retain your name in the registered member of Maharashtra Pharmacy Council, you should renew the Maharashtra pharmacy license by the given date.

How can I renew my pharmacy license?

Registered pharmacists often see how I can renew my pharmacy license in Maharashtra? How can I renew my pharmacy license in Maharashtra? e.t.c.

Whenever a pharmacist register for the first time, after applying, the validity of the pharmacy license is 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, which is printed on your drugs license.

It is your responsibility to need the renewal by filling the mspc pharmacy license renewal form online if you are registered with PCI Maharashtra as per the given procedure at the given time.

As per MSPC Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council Rules 1969 (Rule No. 57 (2)), a registered pharmacist, who wishes to renew his pharmacy registration, voluntarily lum-psum (ARFL) to avoid difficulties arising inadvertently for payment.) Has a provision to pay Advance pharmacy license renewal fees because the renewal fee may change at the time of every year.


The MSPC in its 92nd meeting has decided to convert the NRD (Non Refundable Deposit) scheme into a one-time (ARFL) scheme in advance renewal fees.

Accordingly, the non-compensatory deposit of registered pharmacists who have participated in the voluntary non-refundable deposit (NRD) scheme for renewal of pharmacy registration by paying the appropriate amount on or before 1 October 2009, pharmacy licence renewal with this Ratio The fees are automatically changed over a number of years.

pharmacist registration renewal fees process in india
pharmacist registration renewal fees process in india

Let us now see that the renewal fee for the pharmacy license for applying the drug license online in the state of Maharashtra has been stated below and the validity of the license will also be given.

S.N.fees for renewal of pharmacist registrationValidity In Years
1Rs 1500/- 30
21000/- Rs.20
3Rs 500/-10

The above Pharmacy License renewal fees is Rs. 50 / – per annul on the current renewal fee only, But in the future, if there is any change, the renewal fee will change subject to revision.

About Maharashtra State Pharmacy council renewal.

As we have also mentioned above, mspc pharmacist registration renewal validity period needs renewing according to three terms i.e. 10, 20, 30 years but for this, a question will definitely arise in your mind that why this is different from the example given below. You will know as per example.

If a pharmacist has registered in the voluntary NRD scheme by paying Rs 500 / -, then his registration will be renewed from 01/01/2019 to the next 10 years i.e. 31/12/2019.

If a registered pharmacist has participated in this scheme by paying Rs. 1000 / -], his registration will be renewed from 01/01/2019 for the next 20 years i.e. till 31/12/2029.

If a pharmacist has participated in the voluntary NRD scheme by paying Rs. 1500 / -, then its registration is renewed from 01/01/2019 to the next 30 years i.e. 31/12/2039.

An important point if any pharmacist of Maharashtra State Pharmacy Council fails to pay mspc licence registration fees by the due date, then register his / her name under section 34 (2) of Pharmacy Act-1948.

The name is removed from the list and will not be considered valid. Let us now know what is the online renewal of pharmacist registration process by which you can apply easily.

How to Pharmacist Registration Renewal Online?

We all know what is the pharmacist professional profile? What is PPP? It is now necessary to renew it with a pharmacy license. We have seen many applicants still ask, how can I transfer my pharmacy license to another state in India?

pharmacist registration renewal status
pharmacist registration renewal status

This process is different in every state, for Maharashtra state, the process of renewal mandatory in online mode. complete the online process which is given below.

Step 1.

The steps for easy procedure for renewing your Maharashtra State drug license online are described below. For more information, complete flow step is also given below.

  • First registered pharmacist will have to login mspc.
  • Writing your user name will read.
  • Enter the given password
  • Enter captcha code.
  • And sign in.

After logging in on your dashboard, you will have to click on pharmacist registration renewal, which will show the pharmacist license validity.

If your mspc license validity is running out, then a red line license will appear for you for renewal or else you should not have trouble finding a renewal link.

This will tell you what process you need, to complete renewal of your Maharashtra State Pharmacist license online soon.

Step 2.

However, if you do not want to renew your license online and want to process offline, you can also get an email for Will alert to be able to.

which you can get the drug license renewal form copy which itself is physically mspc complete with application and application fee.

But in some states it is completely available in online mode, who cannot renew their drug license offline.

If you see a link active for the dashboard renewal application in the login, then you can keep your pci pharmacy license renewal print (pharmacy registration renewal online print) by filling the online form and downloading it from the mspc website for future reference.

pharmacist registration renewal procedure in india
pharmacist registration renewal procedure in india
  • Click on the application link.
  • Now click on the pharmacy license renewal link.
  • Choose Renewal Of Application.
  • Now Create Application Open this link.

Step 3.

  • Upload the required documents (if applicable).
  • Pay the renewal fee as given above.
  • Print after submitting the renewal of pharmacy licence (pharmacy council registration form).

Upload your required documents like ppp card and documents of pci registration copy and affidavit etc. before application.

So how did you like about the process of renewing your Maharashtra Pharmacist registration? how did you like How TO Process Pharmacist Registration Renewal Online?

When will we get a copy of our pharmacist registration renewal.

Once your copy of the registration renewal on mspc website will be sent to your given address within a period of 15-30 days and before that you will get a new pharmacist license through an email.

A question must have come in your mind that if your drug license has expired and what will happen if you cannot renew it at the given time. Do you have to apply for a new mspc license instead? If you do not renew, you will not be called a valid pharmacist.

Important thing if you think of doing new registration again, then you may have to pass the license exam, which is going to be applied in the name of Diploma Pharmacy Exit Examination.

Where is the MSPC office?

If you are coming out of Mumbai area, get off at Mumbai CST or Dadar and catch the train on the Central Railway line coming towards Thane, Kalyan etc. and get off at Mulund station.

You can also take bus (BEST BUS No. 402) or rickshaw towards Mulund West and get off at ESIS Hospital Stop / Kamgar Hospital Complex.

For any problem, you can ask us questions in the comment or you can also contact the official Maharashtra state pharmacy council contact number which is available.

Name Of AuthorityMaharashtra State Pharmacy Council, India
Recognised byGovernment Of India, Mumbai, Maharashtra
LocationLocated in: Runwal R Square
AddressAddress: 4th Floor, R-square, L.B.S. Marg, Opp E.S.I.S. Hospital Compound, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400080
Contact No.Phone: 022 2568 4291 
Email:  [email protected]
Working Time10AM To 05.30 PM Monday To Friday

We hope do you have catch complete information about how to renew your pharmacist registration online or offline at a once time.

Maharashtra state pharmacy council registration renewal procedure is are here now from to end. Make your contribution in making mspc pharmacy registration renewal online steps accessible to all pharmacists and share the article so that they can also renew their pci pharmacist registration renewal form online at a time/Will be able to.

How to renewal pharmacy certificate online in Maharashtra.

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