What Is EWS Certificate Meaning & How To Apply Online 10% Reservation Certificate For EWS Quota? 1

What Is EWS Certificate Meaning & How To Apply Online 10% Reservation Certificate For EWS Quota?

Information about what is ews certificate and how to apply ews form form online has been included in this article. The state government of India is regularly working on the emphasis of providing reservation for the economically weaker sections class.

how to apply ews certificate for 10% reservation
how to apply ews certificate for 10% reservation

Accordingly, people who fall in the Economically Weaker Sections category are seen working in the field of education.

A few years ago, The State government of Maharashtra started the educational benefit for the ebc and Rajarshi Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj general class by giving the benefit of student education. Now again the new ewc certificate was launched for this initiative.

Many students keep asking what is ews certificate meaning and how to apply it online for economically weaker sections 10% reservation certificate.

This is an Economical Weaker Section EWS certificate and use for ten percent (10%) reservation in some quota’s like Admission, which is made only for the category falling in economically weaker sections category.

What is Meaning EWS Certificate.

If You have also seen, Then you will know that which site suitable to download ews certificate will not get any answer because if the information of the article has been shared.

Then this certificate will also be available for download. Whether the applicant downloads here or from official www.maharashtra.gov.in both are the same.

For the purpose of the applicant’s help, the following link is given below to Download EWS Gr and important economically weaker section certificate format.

Keep in mind that this document will not be given in any form to any category falling under other categories of social and educationally backward categories, scheduled castes, tribes, wandering tribes or other backward classes.

A certificate of economically weaker sections of the ews certificate gives the applicant a reservation of 10% percent for admissions in government service and in any government approved educational institutions.

Let us know what is criteria decide to get reservation in this ews quota and which documents are used to get Maharashtra EWS Certificate.

What is the eligibility criteria for EWS certificate?

Economically weaker sections The person applying for the certificate or his / her father or previous generations should have proof of residence in Maharashtra on or before October 13, 1967.

It is prescribed for the economically weaker sections to take advantage of reservation so the format (Appendix-A) certificate of the competent authority will be mandatory.

Along with the application form (Circular-B), application proof (Circular -C) Documents to be attached along with the declaration form (Circular-D) should be in identical format.

The age, exam fee and other benefits of the candidates of this category will be according to other backward class category as per rules implemented from time to time by the state government.

The annual income of the applicant / candidate will be within Rs. 8,00,000 lakh. The same applicant will be considered financially weak and eligible for this benefit.

For the benefit of this reservation, the family will include the parents of the applicant and children and spouses under the age of 18 years.

In the family income, the income earned from the resources of all the family members should be Rs 8 lakh or less, the annual income of the previous year, such as agricultural income, industry and all other sources.

Documents Required For EWS Certificate.

To make this economically weaker sections certificate, every applicant has to submit proof of identity, address, & age also income of the entire family of previous year and declaration formats etc as per below.

Income Proof (Attach Any 1).

  • Form No. 16/ITR Re,
  • If the applicant is a farmer, then 7/12 and 4 numbers or Talathi report,
  • Income tax certificate or bank certificate for retired person
  • Receipt of annual income tax, universal tax and GST if a businessman or businessman.

Proof Of Identity (Attach Any 1).

  • Aadhar Card,
  • Voter id card,
  • Driving license,
  • Passport,
  • Job card,
  • Government official identification card etc.

Address Proof (Attach Any 1).

  • Aadhar Card,
  • Telephone bill,
  • Passport,
  • Electricity bill,
  • Proof of voter list,
  • Water supply, House Strip Receipt,
  • 7/12 and 8th A transcript,
  • Any fees or tax receipts paid by government tax or deposited in Municipality, Municipal Corporation, Gram Panchayat etc.

Proof of Age (Any 1).

  • Bonafide certificate,
  • Primary school leaving certificate,
  • Secondary School leaving certificate.

In this way, all the above mentioned documents are required to create ewc certificate in Maharashtra. This is the only way to get 10% reservation for open class reservation benefits.

Who will get the income certificate to get the Ews certificate?

Keep in mind, to apply certificate of ews, you have to apply for your parents’ income certificate.

But for some reason, If he is not there, then the ration card that will be your name seems to be the income certificate of the main member of his family.

Your income is calculate whole family of your parents, your unmarried siblings, your wife’s income and your unmarried children will be added in academic year.

To apply for an Economically weaker sections certificate, you will need the EWS Certificate form. You can buy application form form any stall, book shop. Also you can get free from district office.

In addition, you can also download direct by clicking on the link given below. And you can also get the economically weaker section form printout if needed.

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How to download EWS Certificate Form.

Click here to Download PDF EWS Certificate form download / 10 Percent Reservation Certificate form Now.

How to get a Reservation Certificate the new 10% EWS Quota.

Please be careful before deciding to get a document do not accept a surprise offer from any agent. Here is a Complete Procedure For Applying EWS Certificate.

Tehsildar has been appointed to get this certificate. Therefore, for this, first contact the tehsildar office of your district / taluka and then follow procedure below.

  • Download all the given formats for economically weaker section,
  • Fill “Annexure A” knows eligibility certificate,
  • Fill the “Annexure D Format”,
  • Enter the given manifesto add.
  • Now submit the given forms to the tehsil offices.

In this way, now every applicant who comes under this Reservation for Economically Weaker Sections can get this document.

If you want to get it online then this process has not been done online for all the states.

It can be applied by visiting the official web portal of your state. After filling the application form, upload the payment and documents.

Applicants Also Asks About EWS Certificate Download.

Who’s not eligible to for apply an EWS certificate. This is the main question. Which will come in many applicants, parents mind.

  1. Who is eligible for EWS certificate?

    Who’s such citizens are not eligible to get Economically weaker section document. So let us know carefully the following people cannot apply for Economically weaker sections Certificate. 1. Person who has more than 5 acres of land.
    2. A person whose houses are more than 1 thousand square feet.

  2. How do I get an EWS certificate?

    To make EWS, you can apply to any district office where there is a public service center. While applying, a passport photo, photo proof, address proof, Affidavit, Form A, resident certificate and house proof are submitted.

  3. Is BPC Card compulsory for ews?

    No, there is no need of bpl card for Economically weaker certificate.

  4. What is the Age Relaxation for the applicant to get EWS Certificate?

    There is no age limit to get this certificate, any applicant can apply for it.

  5. What is the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS), and is it necessary to have an EWS certificate?

    10% EWS reservation for economically weaker sections. The certificate that is used for this work is called the EWS certificate.

  6. Whom to sign the EWS form & How many days does the EWS certificate get?

    In order to obtain the necessary status certificate for the economically weaker section, the beneficiary could obtain the certificate within one month (30 days) from the date of receipt of the application along with the necessary documents.

  7. What is EWS form?

    EWS Form means Economically Weaker Section Certification is the application form to be applied. For more information, see the PDF Form given above.

Tell us all your questions that will come in your mind to get the benefit of this 10 percent reservation. Hopefully, what is EWS Certificate is and how to create an EWS Certificate application form would have been helpful for you. It is very important to share this article further, we are sure that you will definitely share the information of economically weaker section certificate with your friends.


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