SDMIS Login Udise Plus Student Data

What is SDMS Portal? How To Upload Udise+ SDMS Data, SDMS Data Upload Last Date 2023.

What is SDMS Portal? People believe that the most troubling is the udise student portal but it is not true.

SDMIS Login Udise Plus Student Data

Why not true? Because now it has become very easy and fast. SDMS stands for “Student Database Management System” which has been developed in udise data entry.

Sdms is a part of udise+portal in which record of all students from class Nursary to 12th is uploaded.

Even before this, we have given complete information about Udise Plus, how it works. Now it is the turn how to use SDMS?

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Udise SDMS Portal Login Information.

SDMS Student Portal It has been integrated in Udise Student Database Management System. In udise, School, Teacher and Udise Plus portal are uploaded through student login, so that information can be obtained anytime, anywhere in One click.

It has been started by the Department of School Education and Literacy from the year 2022-23 by the Ministry of Education Department.

This is an article made only for Udise sdms data updation, so it is important to see what is sdms and how to do sdms updation.


In this first section management has to be filled which allows to add all class and division.

Let us know how to add all the Classes and Divisions in Section Management.

Section Management.

  • Click on Add Section,
  • Then select Class in Select Class which is in Roman script.
  • “Section Alias”, this particular section” which is to be remembered with special words, then write otherwise you can keep blank.
  • Select “Marathi, Hindi or English as applicable” in the Medium of Instruction.

Once all the classes from lowest to highest have been added, see if all the divisions have also been added or not. It can also be edited and deleted later.

After this, when Class From and Class To are added in Section Management, then let’s see how Student information is filled in it. student Data Upload.

First of all, you have to login sdms student portal using

A school login id and password has been made available to all Nursary/schools/colleges so that they can do their udiseplus school login for sdms.

When the student udise is logged in, then how to do further process is shown below. After this, Section Management, List of All Students, School Dashboard, Profiles, Upload Data via Excel and Reporting Module etc. will appear on the Dashboard.


In this, after going to the School SDMS Dashboard, all the classes which were previously added to the section management as given above will appear.

How to upload SDMS Students Data in Udise Plus Login?

Now let us see how the details of the students are filled through Add student. 2 options have also been given for uploading the student.

If you want, you can also do offline and you can fill online sdms student data. We recommend that you use only online.

  • sdms udise plus student login as given above .
  • Or you can also do it by searching sdms udiseplus gov in login google.
  • Go to School Dashboard.
  • School Details – Grade Wise will appear.
  • Click on “Add Student” given below the action.

Now as soon as we click on add student, then the tab that will open in front of you, 4 sections are visible in it as given below.

SDMS Login Student Process.

  • General Profile,
  • Enrolment Details,
  • Facility And Other Details,
  • Student Profile.

Only 3 tabs have to be filled in the above points, after which the 4th option of Student Profile only shows the preview of the information you have filled.

How to enter SDMS Student data in sdms Login?

Let us now see how to fill sdms student data online? The whole process is explained here, only you have to keep the information given below ready.

General Profile.

  • Student’s Name This is to be filled as per School general register Record.
  • Fill Gender, Date of Birth and Student Code / ID which can also be called saral student id.
  • Mother, Father, Guardian’s Name भरे.
  • Write the name of Student in Aadhaar Number and Name of Student as per/in Aadhaar Card which is in Aadhaar Card.
  • Contact Details and Additional Details have to be filled.
  • Now click on Save to proceed.

Enrollment Details Student

  • GR number has to be written in Admission Number in School.
  • Admission Date is given only for the current year when the school started after the holidays.
  • Class / Section Roll Number has to be written.
  • Select whether you have studied in Previous Academic Year status or not.
  • Which was the Grade/Class of last year, choose that.
  • Fill the result information of the previous year in the examination details.
  • Now click on Save and proceed to Next.

Facility And Other Details of the Student.

  • Please choose what facilities have been provided.
  • Scholarship has been received or not and State scholarship central will have to choose.
  • If CWSN is applicable then fill it otherwise No has to be done.
  • Fill the information of Specific Learning Disability.
  • Select ASD, ADHD etc information.
  • Whatever is applicable in extracurricular activity, gifted / talented and NCC / NSS / Scouts & Guides will read yes or no.
  • Finally, click on Save and press the Next button to proceed.

In this way all the sdms form will be filled and the student profile preview will be displayed through the information store which must have been filled by you online.

Now by clicking on Back To School Dashboard to exit the preview, you can directly fill the next student for Add student in the School Dashboard of School Details – Grade Wise.

In this way, one by one the details of all the students can be filled in the Student Database Management System udise plus sdms login.

Peoples Also Asked about SDMS Portal.

It is not that you fill the information through the information given above, there is another way which is offline, it can also be used if you have a good command on the computer.

Let us see what questions have been asked regarding the udise+ student portal which you may also have.

What is sdms Portal?

The Full Form of SDMS is “Student Database Management System” and the full form of sdms in Hindi is called “ 
Student Database Management System ” which is designed to capture the record of Admitted Students in all Schools and Colleges.

How to use sdms Login?

For the given udise plus login user id use udise code and login by entering password and one by one students have to add as given above.

Can sdms data be uploaded offline or not?

You can absolutely do it, first you have to click on “upload data via excel”. 
Read the given guide and tick I have read all the instructions, then click on okay.
After this download the file by clicking on Download Blank excel Template for Uploading in Important Documents.

Fill this excel file carefully in the student data sheet of all classes and divisions.

In this way, after filling all the student information, click on Validate data to check whether all the information has been filled correctly or not.

If correct then upload the file in upload new template.

How to study database management system?

To understand the database management system properly, you have to understand only 4 issues which we have given above, just have to fill them.

What is the sdms portal helpline number?

For any technical assistance contact on this number 1800 11 6200 .

In this way easily udise+ sdms student data is filled. Still you have any questions regarding Student Database Management System, then you will be helped by connecting with us through comments. Do share the information of udise plus student portal further.

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